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Silent Night iTunes 10 For OS X

Works with OS X 10.6.8 - 10.10 / iTunes 10.7 Only!
:windows: Windows Version Here

Due to the changes of iTunes 11, Silent Night will be staying at version 10.7
Does not support retina displays and does not support version 11.2.2

If you want to continue to use 10.7 here is the installer…

If you stupidly went ahead and installed the theme anyway on version 11.2.2 use the installer here to fix the errors.…

:icondahlia-7: :icon1davi:
Please don't forget to favorite the theme and add me to your deviant watch so you can be notified for future updates, also check out Ice iTunes
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I can confirm that despite not completely being black on iTunes 10.6.3, the theme still looks quite nice. Sure, the library view is still white, but everything in the top and bottom bar looks fine! Goes well with the theme I have on my PowerMac G4 running Leopard, since it similarly only changes top and bottom bars to black while keeping the contents of the windows white.
Now my itunes does not open. 
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AaronOlive can you help me my iTunes just crashed how do i uninstall?. thank u
Can someone please tell me how to uninstall? It crashed my iTunes.
Im will try to Install a new version of itunes.
Hope it works 
I am so angry right now 
Yes its works.
Install a new versión.
Hate this dude 
Would love to get the 10.5 version, since it's the iTunes I'm using. Call me a luddite, but I have good reasons not to update past 10.5, yet I'd love to add Silent Night
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how do you uninstall this? My iTunes crashed..
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You turned my iTunes into datapatches you mongoloid, could have included an uninstaller

Jks jks, I am vexed though
Who the f r u? You must be peace of shit who shits in own pants and sucks own cock because you are looser and will be looser.

I want to update iTunes to the latest version on my Mac. How do I uninstall Silent Night from iTunes 10.7 first before I do the update? if I remember, you have to revert back to the original iTunes before updating but I can't remember what I have to do. Thanks.

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my itunes wasnt closed on my mac while i installed and opened the program and it totally crashed, since then it wouldnt open properly even though i uninstalled the app and restarted itunes and my mac about 100 times, please help!!!
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and also it my itunes is version 11 so that was probably a problem too :/
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The mac version looks different to windows. How do I get the playlist and list windows dark like on windows?
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Can you please add support for iTunes 11.0.2??????
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is it possible to get the "Dark Version" like there was before for itunes 9.0.3 (15), but for 10.7?? Thanks!!!
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is it possible to make a "dark version" for 10.7?? thanks!
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here again :P

I found a bug in Mini Player, the Rewind Button's highlighted by default [link]

Secondly, could the meta info and track name in main gui be "White", I find it(Beige) little inconvenient.

I try to install three times nowhere there is a checkbox to find during installation , please help me !
Will this be updated for iTunes 11? I really miss the dark theme! :)
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it's not possible to do so.
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