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Nocturne Theme For OS X 10.9.x

Only for OS X 10.9.4 - 10.9.x
Wallpaper | Damaged Soul

:new: June 15th, 2014
- support for 10.9.4 - 10.9.x
- added new CloudApp icons 

February 7th, 2014
- Fixed separator not restoring automatically in the uninstaller.

February 5th, 2014
- Updated to support 10.9.1 - 10.9.2

- Removed support for 10.8

- Droplr Removed

- Added Neutraface Text Alt font.

Want something Light? try White OS X

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DockMod for Mavericks
3. WhiteClock free
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is there a way to remove for god
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Can you update this theme for 10.10? This black shade is better then 10.10 default one offers! :)
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after installing 10.10 i can't see most my icons in the top right... do you have a fix for this?
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i've just updated to yosemite and I can't see the time or battery bar (had this before) and it won't let me restore the default version :/ 

never mind i just deleted the file and removed it from the start up process :) loved it while i had it though, looks great! 
Hey. Can you upload the last version of Nocturne Theme for Mountain Lion?
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Go to page 3, theres a link :)
When I restaure default settings whites icons are still here .... I've remove from users... but this don't work :/
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Remove from users option, the start of WhiteUIServer, and log out, if continues white, just go to activity monitor and restart SystemUIServer process
Thank it's works !!! 

Sorry for the delay 
How do I get black dock on Mavericks?
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try cDock, that's what I use!
Thanks for this theme, it works perfect for me. 
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hey it looks awesome but only a part of the text is white the other only highlights to white when i click it did i forget something?
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how can I restore the default look after applying this?
for me , the white wifi-bar is not working. any way to fix this?
hey. is there any way to make the white wifi-bars working again? for me, they are still back :(
My spotlight icon is still black, everything else worked perfectly.
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 You need to go to Syst.Pref.-->General and change the Appearance From Graphite to Blue or the opposite for one time. On the dmg, at the last part,after 3.Log Out! you should read it :) (Smile) 
I just went through the process and I'm not sure how I missed those instructions when I went through. I read everything about changing stuff to white with the .menu, etc, but I missed that one.

At any rate, thanks! That did it.
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you're welcome ^^
Is there a way that I can fix my other menubar icons so that the colors are right? Most of them are black, and you can't see them - the ones that are colored look really bad. 
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It would depend on the application in the notification bar. Most applications store their notification icons in their package folders. just open up finder, go to applications, select the one you want to modify and right click+ show contents. go to resources and locate the icon. rename it as a back up, open it in GIMP and alter the color settings, save it/copypaste it to the directory. and thats it. just terminal "killall -kill Finder to restart the notification area. 

if its a system icon the process is similar you just need to google its location in the filesystem. 
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Some one have Degrees for black menu bar or have skills to fix it plz post it here
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