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Menu bar Icons - OS X Mavericks 10.9.x

Only for OS X 10.9.4 - 10.9.x
Wallpaper | La Orotava

I've been given permission by Andrea Fedi to continue his menu bar icons pack.

:new: June 15th, 2014 

- Updated to support 10.9.4 -10.9.x
- added DragThing icons

Feb 5, 2014
Updated to support 10.9.1 - 10.9.2

October 10, 2013

- Updated for OS X Mavericks 10.9

- New! - Calibri, Helvetica Neue, HP+Palm Prelude, Myriad Pro, Neutraface Text Alt, and Proxima Nova updated for 10.9

- Added CloudApp retina icons.

- Added Twitter Retina icons

Credit to Andrea Fedi:iconskorpion24:
© 2013 - 2021 AaronOlive
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if you search about fix the problem for the menu bar is disappears this is solved = open the "MenuBar.ini ", go to 6 lines, and make it like that "OnUnFocusAction=;[!HideFadeGroup Menu]" which means add ; before "[!HideFadeGroup Menu]" that's it :)

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Hi Aaron, very nice work you do, i wondering when i llok at your skins you made i miss snow leopard on my mavericks, i have macbook pro mid 2009 13' inch and still have snow leopard 10.6 the dvd instalation and ilife, never used, and i have leopard 10.5.7 as well so i dont really know wich one i will use if i downgrade, Anyways i love and miss snow leopard specially the Aqua scrollbars and all aqua style. just love it, so im looking for a skin or theme applications istead, Have you make 10.6 skin theme for mavericks?. how secure is it if i fix mine to mine?, do you hec saome to it?, Possible? Thank you so much.

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is there a way to remove for god

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I installed this on Yosemite and it messed up all the system icons. Is there any way that I can restore them?
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nice menubar icons.. and dock too..Clap  pls Sweating a little... can we have them made to work on 10.10.2 ..:D (Big Grin) 
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If I've installed all the fonts in the package, how do I switch between them to see which one I prefer? 
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i've intalled on my os x yosemite but it completely mess up with my menu bar even with the apple logo !! please!! can anybody guide me how to rid of this ?? i tried every possible thing !!  thanx in advance ! :D
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Yosemite update please
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Hello, will you be updating these for Yosemite? 
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Works for 10.9.5 ?
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Thank you so much. 
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OMG! Thanks so much! I especially love Proxima Nova, Prelude, and Neutraface Text Alt :)
I tried Proxima Nova and Neutraface Text Alt with Tinkertool in Mountain Lion, but it won't work for me, so huge thanks!
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Hello and thank you for this set. Very nice ...
The font Helvetica Neue is a little smaller than the font Lucida Grande: would you have a solution for the Helvetica Neue is a little larger?
Thank you again ...;-)
great! thanks, I just love this!
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Great job !
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awesome SS!  great job!
Great work, this is my favorite add on to the system besides drag thing. it will be an update for the 10.9.3??

Great!! Thanks
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thanks you so much! :>
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Help, I installed this before upgrade and now I can't uninstall in 10.9.3.

Please add version 10.9.3 please please!
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