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Ice iTunes Theme For Windows



:macos: OS X Version Here

Due to the changes of iTunes 11, Ice iTunes will be staying at version 10.7 for now due the changes of the hex codes and addresses, also heads up the dark grid view is gone in the preferences. This theme does not support version 11, only use it with version10.7.

:new: September 18th 2012

1. Complete Windows version now available and Updated for 10.7 (21)
2. Changed some UI elements in preparation for iTunes 11.
3. Fixed image stretching (banding) on the headers
4. Touch up on the bottom buttons, (aligned my vectors correctly should be sharper)
5. view highlight is not that old small unaligned glowing dot anymore.
6. Updated all interface images to 16-bit (No Banding)
7. Album size knob aligned to the slider.
8. Made play, pause and stop buttons bigger and aligned correctly.

August 26th preview 1 for Windows made available!

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can you use this with retroactive.