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Firewatch Mods

:new: June 18th, 2018, Edited my PSD for P3 Color profile and exported PNG format.

First shown in my July Screenshot, this is the final version of my Firewatch Wallpaper mods.

Versions | 3
Desktop | 3840x2160
iPhone | 1242x2208

Mobile Links!!!
Firewatch DayFirewatch Night

Credits: Olly Moss

Campo Santo & © Panic Inc.
© 2016 - 2022 AaronOlive
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My favorite wallpaper (and game), thx you so much for your work. :)

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This is very nice thank you

Very interesting looking design it really impressed me I wanna use it for my new clashroyaleapk website.

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Awesome work, I've been looking for something like this for a while. Thank you!

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wow, best wallpapers what i ever have, thanks a lot for ur work¬

We Need Firewatch 2 ASAP!!

Thank you, glad you like them as much as i do because its the same reason why I made the mods.

where is the link for pc?
Are these for personal use? can i use them for my program?
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Looks cool, would you like make a DynamicDesktop theme?Love 
And Mojave is here
Hi, cool wallpapers. Is that night mode CC? Or if I can recreate it with illustrator and use it on my website?
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I don't understand what you mean?
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Nice color choice
first of all fantastic wallpaper - I really love it.

What interests me is, how the colors are set? I mean, there is an ground truth this image is based off - right?

The reason I am asking this is, because I want to build a day and night cycle for my macbook including these two images and one that is in relaxing green and blue morning colors - there are examples in the web, but deviant is marking it as spam and for the day the normal one which is like the daytime in the game

my problem is the crop - I want both of my examples cropped same as the awesome work of yours so that the transition is seamless.

So again, how did you achieve this - via recoloring or a complete redraw of the motiv?

big thanks for the answers and for the awesome work you do!
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I took the layers from the Firewatch game website years ago and modified and touched them up, filling in some unfinished brush strokes from the images. The images don't exist on the official page anymore so here is the archive…
I was wrong - it did not work ;D
And it worked - maybe someone is interested in it! :) Not as good as yours - but for me it goes along well!
Firewatch Morning by Flixxer22   Firewatch Day by Flixxer22    
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Good enough for me dude, thanks!
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fantastic walls man,thanks a lot !
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Nice, but why .jpg? Quality is limp.
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