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:new: Sep 2, 2013
Added Windows .ico icons.

Aug 12 2013
Added Acrobat XI, Story icon removed because it's a in browser app and text has been sharpened for 128px and 256px sizes for the dock.

Aug 11, 2013
After 2 days of meticulous refining in photoshop i've managed to complete my whole set of icons and also made refinements to the smaller styles of the icons so that text would be sharper. I hope everyone appreciates this cause this was the hardest thing i've done so far, i had to tediously custom make the special r and u glyphs to match exactly to the one's used in the original icons.

16px - 1024Px

16px - 256Px

:note: 48px has been deprecated by Apple Inc. icns, ico and Icontainer files included.
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You didnt have Adobe Xd and Media Encoder, so I made them myself to complete my Mac-dock.

Thank you for these, my eyes can finally rest! Haha

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Thanks, good job!

Which font have used?
Yohhuuuuu are You still there?

Thx a lot for this icon set :) Using it now in RocketDock.
for my rocktdock
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As you did to get the font? Because the clean adobe has some variations.
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Those look just fantastic!
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Hey! I'm making some other icons based in this style and I'm gonna upload them in a few days, obviously i will give you some credit for the idea and the link to this ones! :D Is it okay??
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They look great!! could you upload a .psd template??
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Where is the icon for Edge Animate and Reflow? :s
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I made an Icon for Adobe Media Encoder CC :)

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These are awesome!  Thanks
Very good work!!! What is this font?
Can you make one for media encoder? 
Nice work. Thanks for the creation and share.
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awesome, thanks!
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