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Not Famous

Basically my impressions of the last episode.
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All it took was ONE movie, even Shia lebouff had more endurance than her
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Oh I just figured she was going crazy after the mlp movie or some meta joke like that, 
like Shia leboff after three transformers movies
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This was drawn in 2015. The description mentions episode. The fact you can see Coloratura's eyes at all means she's not Songbird Serenade.
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Couldn't handle the pressures and demands of fame.

Actual cannibal Rara. :)
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DAAAWWW!! Don't say that Rara! You're still cute!
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Next thing you know, she's gonna start livestreaming her reaction on herself. Oh wait... =p…
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Shia LaBeouf, after Transformers, and beforejust DO IT!!! 
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"I didn't really want to become famous that much to begin with anyways. Way too much hard work. We have to watch other ponies go in and out of the School for Gifted Unicorns for the rest of the time. No thanks, Samuel."
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What's he from?

And why's he crying?
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Crying? Hardly. Bag? Yes.

What *she's* from?…
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It looks like she's crying.

Ah, I see.
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The irony is that her "Rara unplugged" persona would be just as much a put-on as her Countess one.
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Is this a JibJab reference?
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Why not? she can still sing pop and find a new manager
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I take it you haven't heard about Shia LeBeof's performance art then?
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Oh never mind them
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I wanna bag like that. 

I should wear that around town just to mess with people.
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Shouldn't be hard to make. Just get a big paper bag, put eye-holes in it, and write the given phrase on it in sharpie.
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