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It Has to Be This Way Page 5 by AaronMk

It Has to Be This Way Page 7 by AaronMk
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The two men who witness the scene and discuss how much of a freak Raiden looks like.
The car driving away on its own just tops off the whole scene.
In game description: "Traditonal garb for Mexican folk musicians, purchased by Raiden at a souvenir shop south of the border in a misguided attempt to blend in with the locals."
The fact that it's considered an enhancement, despite being just a poncho and sombrero thrown on Raiden.
And the way he got the ensemble - buying it in a souvenir shop. Somewhere out there, there's a fearless shop owner who not only did business with a heavily-armored cyborg with barely any human features, but had the brass balls to spring a tourist trap on him. And he got away with it too.
The two men who witness Raiden decide it's better to just pretend they didn't see anything. Probably for the best, too.