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Friendship School

Dear God, why'd this end up so complicated. Over 350 layers, way more if I did merge a bunch.

Anyways, yeah. New season. Read the Romans, and the Greeks. That's all I got.
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I love this classic Greek and Roman scene for the School of Friendship. I immediately thought of Twilight as Socrates, which brought to mind this silly conversation...

OCELLUS : But Headmare Twilight... didn't you know hemlock was poisonous?

Twilight Sparkle Smile? plz : (pretending to be shocked) I do now!

Both giggle at each other.

Boring [ Gallus ] : I don't get it. All that Headmare Twilight did was drink water out of that teacup. Tap water isn't poisonous.

SMOLDER : You haven't heard of Steve Martin, have ya?

GALLUS : Uh, should I?

YONA : Gallus not know Steve Martin? Or old "Death of Socrates" comedy video? Even yaks know who Steve Martin is! Steve Martin's comedy, perfect! Where Gallus been?

GALLUS : In Griffonstone. Watching Jimmy Fallon.