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Friendship School

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Dear God, why'd this end up so complicated. Over 350 layers, way more if I did merge a bunch.

Anyways, yeah. New season. Read the Romans, and the Greeks. That's all I got.
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I love this classic Greek and Roman scene for the School of Friendship. I immediately thought of Twilight as Socrates, which brought to mind this silly conversation...

OCELLUS : But Headmare Twilight... didn't you know hemlock was poisonous?

Twilight Sparkle Smile? plz : (pretending to be shocked) I do now!

Both giggle at each other.

Boring [ Gallus ] : I don't get it. All that Headmare Twilight did was drink water out of that teacup. Tap water isn't poisonous.

SMOLDER : You haven't heard of Steve Martin, have ya?

GALLUS : Uh, should I?

YONA : Gallus not know Steve Martin? Or old "Death of Socrates" comedy video? Even yaks know who Steve Martin is! Steve Martin's comedy, perfect! Where Gallus been?

GALLUS : In Griffonstone. Watching Jimmy Fallon.

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It's time to learn from Muchroma, þe wisest of all friendship philosophers!
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This looks great!
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Looks like Twilight is a fan of the Socratic method of teaching.
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Looks like Aristotle's or Plato's teaching. Well, there are lot of Roman and Greek reference in the show (the pegasus by itself and the columns in Cloudsdale for example)

Still awkward to see them even wearing a toga. BEautiful work
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To be fair on the show and the whole of western culture in general, the Mediterranean aesthetic has long been co-opted as a style of choice since the the fall of the Empire, in one form or another. It's become something of a cliche in western design and architecture. And in as far as it symbolizes, makes a ready-made, no thought fit for any structure meant to symbolize "sturdiness", "reliability", """good"" government", and so on. So trying to find something not immediately alienating to the viewers is as easy as taking a page from Rome or Athens.

Having said that, the intellectual work is great. And I feel as though I need to do work now re-imagining the places from the show with alternative design concepts, and not the standard columns to Roman and Spartan glory mind set.
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What aspect that may have the show lost small part of its charm are the obvious presence of modern "Earth" culture through Equestria with the puns, the references to society, and the technology. As fun as it is, it has lost its authenticity for the comical aspect. Thank goodness, they put a lot of lore to counterbalance.
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To point out, this is a show intended in part for younger audiences. It's also not a particularly serious show as in the case of something like Avatar; which is more oriented to tween or teenage audiences with a overarching plot - on my understanding - more serious than it is light-hearted and episodic. Elements of "modernity" do slip in because I believe it would loose touch with its audience or atmosphere otherwise. The way the show works too - episodic - also entails it to the condition that it's being written by many writers, many of whom may not be working on the show any longer than one or two episodes all together and get only a basic enough run down on what the show is so as to write something in it. If it were a series with a much more long-running story arch with a more consistent base of writers who all understand what the show is and where it's going at the D E E P E S T   L O R E level then the show wouldn't experience so much aesthetic inconsistency.

Having pointed that out though, I think it's worth mentioning one of the primary aspects of the show - that being the thing stressed by each episodes plot together - is the content of the ideas in each episode and focusing too much on lore shit kind of distracts from it. Sure it's fun to pitch an idea somewhere other than the same old stage, but treating the quality of the stage itself over the whole act itself misses the entire point of the story telling.
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You really know your stuff.

That reminds me the result of modern elements in a cartoon. Look at the Flintstones. Cultural elements of 60s in a pseudo-cave time. The result? A weird conspiracy theory saying that they live in some kind of post nuclear war world hence the "modern" elements in the series. youtu.be/NGqlWaKfgoc
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Shouldn't really surprise me, but it does a little bit. lol.
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