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Bed Time Stories

By AaronMk
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A brief history of bed-time story in the life of Dinky Hooves.

Within the narrative of:

Dinky Hooves Diaries - Entry 1 by AaronMk

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The night before I went to college, my mom read me a picture book. I don't remember which one it was.
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SuperiorInFameAHobbyist Digital Artist
BOI i don't get it.
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i could not understand this till i read the diaries im going to start ''watching''
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That was wonderful, just finished reading the diary. This was a wonderful piece and very nicely done.
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Wait, did Derpy die?
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AaronMkStudent Digital Artist
One way to find out.
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AaronMkStudent Digital Artist
I think you can find the first link. It's literally on this image's page.
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Awwww... :D
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Kachu-AppleKiwiHobbyist Digital Artist
The Giver is a wonderful book, I just wished I read it when I was older so I could've understood it when I read it.
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O_o..... Ah guess I'll just postpone Flash's whoopin for another time.....
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Dinky is always so cute no matter what. ^^

And her daughters manestyle kind of looks a bit like Carrot Top's too, which is a nice touch if they are related in this universe.
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AaronMkStudent Digital Artist
Not really, or I never considered it.

Frankly, the whole other half of her parentage is supposed to be up in the air.
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Am I supposed to get a sad feeling? Because panel 3 makes me think something tragic happened to Derpy.
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catz537Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you don't like sad stories, don't read it ;~; It'll make you get strong feels
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AaronMkStudent Digital Artist
The beginning of your journey to find out begins with the description. ;)
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
That's cute when Flash is the stepfather
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This is so cute! I love this Derpy Flash series! I wish I could think up a fic for this...
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