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Sarah Gains Head Turn

Exercise #5 on this nifty animation practice list I found on tumblr that I started as a means to stay sane and help keep the art block away.

I was going to stop with the sketch, but it was so amazing for me to see one of m'girls moving that I couldn't stop working with it. 

I was super proud of how well her eyebrows move, but her bangs cover most of that up! I tossed the bald version over here.

The sketch version with hair is here
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KGonzo4-13's avatar
Nice animation framing! It looks like an anime-inspired cartoon! :D Keep up with the great work!
JoeyBlendhead's avatar
Wow.... Choppy, but incredible! I used to do 2-d art in flash, similar to this..... I know how hard drawing frame by frame can be.... But drawing the hair! That's remarkable! :D
aaronmizuno's avatar
(super belated) Thanks! I'm glad you liked how it came out.

The bangs poofing like that was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. <3
Briel7's avatar
wow, pretty good animation, you reallly put a lot of effort in it, didnt you ?
aaronmizuno's avatar
It was a fun day, to be sure. If I didn't know how much work goes into things like this, I'd be embarrassed for how many hours I sank into it. It was totally worth it, though~ 

Thanks for taking a moment to appreciate m'girl <3
Briel7's avatar
Animation is tough, so hands down man, awesome job on this, continue it, you're on the right way.
Erudithral's avatar
Nice. How'd you get it to move like that?
aaronmizuno's avatar
A lot of time thinking about keyframing, proper tweening and tweaking afterward.

... A lot of time. xD
Erudithral's avatar
All that time really paid off.
jsac38's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
Connan-Bell's avatar
*blush* *blush* *blush* *blush*
aaronmizuno's avatar
This begs the question, is this about Sarah's blushing, or that she made you blush? :3
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Lord-Kiyo's avatar
I do need to do something like this.  It moves so smoothly.
aaronmizuno's avatar
You definitely should.
You've got some grim stuff in that gallery. Animation would definitely step it up a notch.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Oh you looked. LOL  Well yes it would.  but I would have to get skill, and some patience.
aaronmizuno's avatar
Patience is the big part.
There's a ton of good resources on tumblr if you poke around the right tags.
#animation, #reference  would be a good combo to start with. Skill just comes with practice.
WilliamTRausch's avatar
Wow, this is fantastic! Great expression going on here. :D
TerribleToadQueen's avatar
This makes me very happy! You always had a way with keyframes and tweens. Such a cute expression and believable movement!

You did this in Photoshop? I'm so outdated. Is there some kind of plugin or new tools or what? I haven't animated in PS since Image Ready...
aaronmizuno's avatar
They actually just rolled image ready's functionality into photoshop.
Nothin' too fancy here. It was just a bunch of layers being hidden and revealed through a series of frames.

It felt, at times, like I was spending more time messing with layers than I was drawing! 6 layers per frame over 20 frames and it took me WAY too long to bother searching for the option to turn off *show new layer on all frames*.
Jason-Alan's avatar
Good God that eyebrow game is 2stronk. If you're not hearing me squeal then you're too far away in the world.
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