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Jane's Store

Ash's mother, Jane, runs a store which is a favored after-school destination for her daughter, Sarah and many of their friends. It's an eclectic shop, filled with wares from local jewelers, clothes makers and herbalists.

One of their friends, Amanda, frequents the shop often to pick Jane's brain about all things metaphysical, a topic that the two share a hefty interest in.
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Salem-the-Psychic's avatar
I would recommend my OC Yoshi Felix, but it looks like you already have a shop with everything.
alicatcatcat's avatar
AN OCTOBLOOP O_O lol This is so cute! I like how you set up the scene. :3 Very cool :heart:
TerribleToadQueen's avatar
I love this, especially Ash and Sarah! They are truly adorable here. I like all the little background elements too. Nice work!
aaronmizuno's avatar
It makes me so happy to hear that. :3
It's rare to see Sarah in such a state of near-derp happiness. This was very fun, albeit time-consuming, to work on.
Estantia's avatar
Ooh I like, also rats, Amanda's one of the names Estantia's been using as a cover... no, BAD mind, no going and trying to make crossovers...
aaronmizuno's avatar
Amanda is a good cover name. I don't know about everyone else, but growing up I knew like... a dozen Amandas. Very popular name.
Mastery's post-story is crossover HEAVEN. I'm only going to be able to post like... a tenth of the potential stories floating around upstairs thanks to copyright issues xD
Estantia's avatar
Oh don't I know the feeling, Estantia's lore and Coincidence are massive crossovers by their very nature (as in, that's the Great Guide's job) so yeah ^_^' never going to be able to publish most of it. Unless of course I actually get permission from the people involved.

(Not that I have far too much stuff to write up / draw already...)

Heh, I don't know any Amanda's so it's obviously a case of choosing your location carefully... *plotplotplot*
Yasuki-Konno's avatar
Very lovely to see a nice, pastorale moment complete with detailed background and wholesome characters. The linework for their curves are extremely boldened, and really add a sense of strength to the piece alongside a feel of play & relaxation. Also the concept of potion bottles make for a subtle unique blend of fantasy within the urban realism of the setting. Plus Jane is a unique character with Alternative trappings & very firm figure. Pure lurv~ :iconbigheartplz:

This must have taken quite the time to conceive & finish, the time & effort is well worth it! Excellent job!
How does Jane come into this story, what role does she have besides the store running? Does she have special powers? :?
aaronmizuno's avatar
It took about eleven hours, sketch to finish. I'm so slow xD.
Well, to start with, she's Ash's mother. That gives her some pretty hefty story significance. Her only real power is being a confident, motivated, well-informed woman that loves her daughter(s) ferociously and unconditionally.
Yasuki-Konno's avatar
Ah I get it now~ It's nice to see how such familial affections play a subtle role even within a piece's story, be that through expression or pose. Thanks for the answer!
Randommode's avatar
This is an awesome picture. I want a potion bottle! :w00t:
aaronmizuno's avatar
I found this on etsy for pretty cheap. That's a pretty cool place for shopping that Jane would approve of! xD
Glad you liked!
Randommode's avatar
:rofl: I was kidding dude, you know I do that. I'm still safe from like cosplaying and carrying one of these :)
aaronmizuno's avatar
I know, I know xD
I was kinda punch-drunk last night after finishing the pic, so I went overboard.
She has so many fun things in that shop.
Randommode's avatar
No not at all dude. :w00t: I hope you saw my questions, I hope I didn't ask too many or the wrong ones.
CheshireCaterling's avatar
Beautifully detailed piece Aaron...I'm becoming very fond of Jane...eccentric MILF for the win :D
aaronmizuno's avatar
It took me about eleven hours, sketch to finish. This was one of the best art Sundays I've had in ages. <3 Jane is all kinds of amazing. She turns that small town upside down.
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