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Letting You In.

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Artwork 2015 ● Aaron Metallion: "Letting You In", The act of shutting down one's defenses, finding strength in the heart of vulnerability, and trusting one's deepest of emotions into the hands of another. On an artist side note, I believe the purest love searches for something deeper and more meaningful than sexual desire, a love that is fueled by raw emotional energy and intimacy, unobscured, and platonic. The circle is symbolic for union, the rib-cage is symbolic for ones self defenses: a cage of bone that protects the most sensitive and vital organ of a living being, and the absence of a hip is symbolic for the intimacy between the soul, and not the body.

Note: People have pointed out some "strikingly similar" artwork, but this painting was a product of my own mind, and a very personal piece to me. I'd imagine there are probably a dozen more drawings/paintings just like this. Thanks for all the love and comments, you guys made my day :heart:. Medium: lineart - pencil on paper, coloring - digitally painted.

Note: Please show :iconkellyylee: some love and support. She suggested this DD, and it just made my day! :Tears: 
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SophiaAihpos8's avatar
Wow, Just wow. 0-0 So awesome, dude.
Breath-of-Nefertari's avatar
I love how much thought you put into your work, Aaron. Pixel Rose Wonderful job.
MooMinded's avatar
this is... actually one of the most beautiful/romantic things I've ever seen, and your description is dead on...
Sora108's avatar
Full of meaning, I love this :)
aughtt's avatar
This has got to be my favorite deviation on dA, well done. Waaaah! Clap 
Jimshaw1's avatar
I always thought that would be the ultimate in intimacy , To let your soulmate come in and share you inner being with him or her. Nice work J 
raiGfx08's avatar
wow a glowing heart..  that hurt.
Can-Cat's avatar
Interesting- looks like letting someone in can get a bit gory-
hawkwing22's avatar
Beautiful peace, especially important for me right now :) Unfortunately doing this does not always have a happy ending. Incredible emotion.
xandraclay's avatar
Congrats on the DD! It is a beautiful piece filled with emotion. Clap 
DubstepNinjaCP's avatar
This touches me in so many ways. Thank you for being amazing.
Iskander1989's avatar
this is SO warm and inspiring!
Ururuty's avatar
very nice....
matrixgamerJI's avatar
GenkiPuck42's avatar
The imagery in this piece reminds me of this lovely, bittersweet song by the English folk singer Kate Rusby:…

... however, while the song speaks of a past love, your piece suggests a much happier ending in which love is reciprocated and enduring.
KeylesArt's avatar
This is awesome!
Movie1290's avatar
:P very nice i love it :D
HereBeDragons2014's avatar
I really have no words, other than beautiful :) 
darkunicorn275's avatar
I love love love it Amazing job!
Manaspoon's avatar
Wow... Real deep <3 Congratulations!
NasukoDragnias's avatar
Wow, this is portrayed perfectly in a relatively unique way. Even I could clearly understand the message without looking at any words. One of my first thoughts were, "Wow (haha), this is probably the most frighteningly intimate picture I've seen."

Great job, well deserved DD :happybounce: 
sakpalamey's avatar
Be careful. She might just rip it out.
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