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page number 3 comin at ya. almost. just the pencils.
i am gonna be finishing these pages up soon for something coming out this summer so i am back at em'.
i will be inking this one soon, i just pencilled it tighter than the first 2 so i figured i would post it. i like to try and keep the pencils looser when i ink myself so it doesn't make the inking process too boring. i try to keep the creativeness flowing through all stages. plus its faster. but this one was pissing me off and i couldn't get some stuff right so i had to whip out the ol' tracing paper and redraw a little bit. so i just did it tighter to make sure i got it right so i was using a bunch of white out in the inks.
also on this page, had to bring the ducks back since i put them on the previous 2. they are somehow becoming characters in these pages.
anyways, action is starting to build a little on this comes the fight. the fun stuff.
page 1--[link]
page 2--[link]
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is this part of a comicbook? where can i find it?
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no, i was doing it as a short story but got sidetracked doing some freelance stuff and never finished it.
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crazy page man i think i like this a tad bit better than the others
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thanks man.thats good. hope that will continue.
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Man, that's a tight page. Looked through your page 1 and two also. It looks great. You came up with the story? I'd love to see more of this. Keep me posted. Once again the perspectives an pacing in the story telling is darn good. Great job!
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thanks man. yeah they are my characters and i am coming up with the story. its an 8 pager and i most likely will be posting them all on here.
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