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this is the first page of a little short story i am doing to practice with these characters. i plan on lettering them also but thats gonna be a task seeing as how i have never done any computer lettering. oh well.
pretty happy with how this page turned out overall.
here is page 2..[link]
tools--- done on blue line comic board, pencil, the trusty quill, and some rapidograph pens, and brush for the blacks.
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Beautiful story telling. The page has a quiet tenseness which is very impressive.
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thank you very much man, much appreciated
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Nice! I'm liking this. You planning to post all the pages? I'm also thinking about learning how to letter on the computer. What program are you thinking of using to do it? Adobe Illustrator?
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thanks man. yeah i will post them all. i will post the second page tonight.
and yeah. im gonna do it up in illustrator. i tried it a couple times before but i found a cool site to learn from. its the comiccraft site. richard starkings. i cant think of the exact site but when i went on there, there were a whole slew of tutorials on all things lettering.its awesome. if you haven't heard of it check it out.
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Yeah, I know of Richard Starkings. I'll have to go check it out - thanks for the advice!
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yeah, no problem.if you are gonna try to learn lettering i would for sure check it out.
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