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gone fishin'...

i had this idea in my head for way too long and had to get it out so this little puppy here is the result..
this took way too long to finish but i decided early on that i wasn't going to ink it so i tight pencilled it and it took too long. but i am more worried about having a nice piece i can look at rather than getting it done in 30 there ya go. that being said, i am happy with it.

the scan is crappy cause i think my scanner is takin a duece on me so when i get a chance i will scan in a better one. thats what i get for buying a hunderd dollar scanner. it lasted a couple years so i can't complain.
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I like the background, the way you draw the roots and all the small details.
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thank you very much.
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Oh wow...

I'm personally amazed at how clean you guys can keep these pages. It always seems like my pencil work turns out to blotches of grey.

While I didn't get to hear to portfolio review itself, I followed the links over from Drawstick....amazing stuff, I'm in awe.
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thanks very much for the compliment..and i use a harder lead. i think its a 2h or 3h lead and those leads don't really smudge unless you try to. the darker the lead the more it smudges. maybe try a harder lead or putting a piece of paper under your hand.
thanks again for the compliment.
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You're welcome....and it still seems that happens to me. But it might just be part of being a leftie. I dunno.
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oh yeah. i bet.probably nothin will help. go digital is the key. fork out a grand or more and you are good to go!lol
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ha, I'm just being hopelessly sarcastic. I'm both digital and attempting to clean up my traditional stuff. =P

Still in awe of your stuff.
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your one of the lucky ones then huh. i want a cintiq so bad cause i have been doing alot in sketchbook pro on the tablet but its just not the same for me when i have to look at the screen and not the pad. just takes some getting used to i suppose.
and thanks
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I have a wacom graphire4. It took me AGES to learn not to look directly at the pad while I was sketching...and then I had to relearn it because I shifted computers and had a six-month break in "serious drawing" because of classwork. ^^;

I would seriously kill for a cintiq, but I am waiting until I get out of college. No sense in grabbing one and beating it all to hell before I REALLY need to use it. :D
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yeah good idea. and i have been tryin to do the same. practice with it. i have a graphire3 and i have some pics in my scraps that i practiced with. haven't really done a serious drawing yet. but hopefully soon i will get one done, i for the life of me can't get a steady line. they are all shaky as hell. pissin me off.
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Fuckin' sweet dude.
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damn delicious bro, i love the bionic tree is a great concept.
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thanks man. much appreciated
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Great job bro. Good balance of light and dark. You are almost at my level hahaha j/k keep up the good work brotha. We gotta stick with it.
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i have been striving to get to your level since school so to hear that i am almost there just makes me so excited..haha.
thanks man.we do have to stay on the hustle man.
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This is so DETAILED. Great job!
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thank you very much
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