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All I see
All i see right now is hate
All i see right now is pain
I wonder what i have to gain
At the pearly gate
This is me its who i am
Yet noone really likes it
I am never going to be as innocent as a lamb
Neither anyone FIT
I have no friends just live on the earth
Since my birth
This is me its who i am
I will never be found inside a clam
Im just that weirdo in that place
Im just an utter utter disgrace
I try 2 do my best but around me things always go wrong
I may aswell go smoke a bong
Get rid of those memories i dont wish to seek
I am just someone who looks like a geek
I am not worth ur time
Im not worth that climb
I should be dead if it werent for my man
I will never find anyone like him i wish i can
So here i am wasting my life
What is my purpose and why all this strife?
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Mr Blair
Mr Blair
Tony Blair liked to stare
At what people wear
He did not care
About being a politician
He just kept on wishin
To be someone respected but that would never work
He wanted to war and be something like Captain Kirk
Tony Blair
Didn’t half stare
When I told the world the truth
He was not in his youth
When he was Prime Minister
He always looked so sinister
In a way he should of lived like Stan
Living in a tin can
Thought he was so lush
And thought he knew what the world needed
Thing is he killed the world not feeded
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Recently found poem from .....
Recently found poem from while ago I call it:
ANYTHING or ODE to Picasso
IM not really clever
Not light as a feather
So Why?
Don’t I just die?
Be happy in the sky?
Because I would be without you
You keep me alive with the glue
My hero is you Peter
My mind is like a litre
OF junk
Where’s my funk?
Why can’t I get to where I’m meant to be?
Why can’t I ever see myself doing any good?
To me I am just a plank of wood
Something doing what society wants- A robot
Or just a dot
I am nothing in life
Without you
Sometimes I seem to not even have a clue
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 0 0
Alcohol Why?
Get me some beer
To drown away my fear
Get me some cider
So i can get wider
That Vodka let me borrow
To drown away my sorrow
Get me some shandy
So my eyes get all sandy
Get me some scotch
Although i hear its no good for your crotch
Get me some brandy
I hear its worse than shandy
Get me some w.k.d.
Cause it makes me full of such glee
Get me some baileys
it made me friend end up at kaighleighs
Why do we get drunk?
Does it give us that funk?
Does alcohol help you?
or does it make you blue?
The fact would be the latter
It is the fact of the matter
It kills your liver and brain
It maymake your carpet stain
Honestly with alcohol what is there to gain?
But a life of heartache and pain  
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 1 1
(just a rhyme i made)
Ding dong the witch is dead
Whats yor name,is it Fred?
What is it, that she said?
She said she was going to wed
If i were him id not go to bed
That poor little witchy is dead
Seems like she isn't going to wed
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The code can u c a secret ....
The Code..... Can U C A Secret Message?
Letting go
           a tantrum did you throw
Opening up telling no lie
           when the truth gets out they will not cry
Vines they bind
            the love you will find
            in your mind
Ending your life
           without that wife
Feeling was the best
Rest when we had gone west
Ogres of life after us
Moving fast there we were lucky when we saw a bus
Awesome person
Black hair and glasses like me,his personality did not worsen
Olive trees grow
Vines wrap around a crow
Ending his life
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 2 0
What to call the .............
What to call the complication of our lives?
I went above to the clouds and wonderess sky
Darling I saw you as an angel up high
I love you forever
No matter what the weather
I have changed
I think I was deranged
Without you I realised I am not as happy as I can be
I am not so free
I want to be in the life tree
With you
I am not blue
I am all colours but not a sad one
My life with you is rebegun
I don’t want to lose you
I know that
I want some one to give me a few
Or you will go splat
Like that rat
Give me a clue
What do I want? What do I need?
Where is that next lead?
I need money
To get to you so our life will be funny
It will be sunny
Honey I love you
I know that, that I knew
I shouldn’t have left you
Yet your still there
Yet you still care
Your creative mind
Our ties that bind
I am forever yours I never going to leave you I know that now
You give me a feeling of wow
I know you don’t doubt your love either
I guess I just needed a breather
You are wonderful I can’t
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The Wind
The Wind
The wind is howling outside my door
My little boy is only four
That horror movie full of blood and gore
Go on give me more
I do not know why life happens this way
I do not know what to say
One thing I can
Is id like to bop life with a pan
But life wouldn’t go away it shouldn’t you see
For dead you will be
That isn’t the life
That means you gave into the strife
You didn’t have time to find a wife
Enjoy your time here on earth
You were made during birth
Life is what you make it
Make your life full of whit
The wind scares me
I just want to be free
From being afraid of this place
Before I fall from grace
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 2 0
Do we care
If a person is in despair?
That a person has no hair?
When you have it all
And you’re having a ball
You’re at your college drinking coffee
Or eating a toffee
Yet people somewhere have no food
People somewhere aren’t happy they are in a mood
All alone
You are that great you should be on a throne
One another’s troubles
And hopefully not bursting their bubbles
Don’t think “The Sun Is Shining”
Because you “are wineing”
Getting picked on
Are you this one?
Is this you?
In your life is there no glue?
They talk about you as if your not there
They don’t seem to ever care
Why they pick on you you don’t know
A punch sometimes you’d want to throw
In this world where are you to go?
Is there anywhere to hide from the troubles of life?
Is there anywhere to get away from this strife?
One thing to remember THIS WORLD NEEDS CARE
Otherwise you may as well have been created as a grizzly bear
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 0 3
me extracted from stormbreaker by AaronHolden16 me extracted from stormbreaker :iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 3 6
Your Ways Are Not My Ways
You cannot push your ways on me
There is no way i can make myself free
I hate you
With us there is no glue
You said "I am something that is just there"
Well at least i have hair
Why don't you just leave me alone?
Let me have a life
Dont give me all that strife
Im going to kill You
If you continue giving me the ammunition to.
:iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 2 2
sad me lol by AaronHolden16 sad me lol :iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 0 2 old pic of me like 2 yrs ago by AaronHolden16 old pic of me like 2 yrs ago :iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 0 2 me with red nose at school by AaronHolden16 me with red nose at school :iconaaronholden16:AaronHolden16 0 2
A Kestrel For A Knave:Compare.
A Kestrel For A Knave: Compare The Way Mrs Casper, Mr Sugden And Mr Farthing Treat Billy
Barry Hines wrote the book “A Kestrel For A Knave” based on his father who was a coalminer he wasn’t interested in literature. This is like the character of Billy who is not interested in literature but he has his reasons for the lack of interest. Billy thinks he is going to amount to nothing and he fears he will be put in same job as his brother. Hines’s background is important to the character of Billy. Hines wants us to have sympathy and connect with Billy as he says “changes in characterization would have produced a different book.”
Hines introduces a number of characters to us like Mr Sugden Billy’s PE teacher. Mr Sugden is controlling this is shown by him making all the decisions like when he says “I will have first pick” this also shows his immaturity when Tibbut says “That’s not right because you will get all the best players” Mr S
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The Man Named Surd
The Man Named Surd
There was a man Named Surds
He Knew alot of nerds
Yet he had alot of Birds
The nerds used alot of complicated long words
His eyes were blurred
One day he forgot his name was Surd
He got a Girlfriend
And how she could bend
This flexible girl
Wow she could twirl
Surd was a lucky man
Although his head was like a metalic pan
He aint no Stan
If people saw him with the geeks
They thought and said "He was just another one of those freaks"  
They never got to know him
Or his girlfriend Kim
Surd always felt his heart in colour was dim
He never understood why he didn’t have too many people to call a friend
Or how in the way she could, could Kim bend
But he is a lucky man
And he don’t live in a tin can.
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my life is getting better need to start doing more poetry just looking at it again remembering my many memories and doing my joy dance :D life is getting better instead of looking at the death that surrounds me i look at the joy in those people i knew that sure i wish i still know but the things i learnt from them and how i matured over the years all i can say is THANK YOU TO THEM ALL!!!!!!!! YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME moving on with life hopeing for things to keep getting better is all i can do :D


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