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Tyrion Lannister - The One Who Knocks

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Another design challenge in our studio. We chose to reinterpret a game of throne character. I chose Tyrion and mixed it up with a bit of Breaking Bad.

2 hours 30 minutes. Photoshop cs6
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Tyrion is the one who knocks
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Lannisters always pays their meth??
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"i drink wine and know ... science, bitch"
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"Podrick! Let's cook"
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lol dragonfire! awesome
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What does it say about the world of GOT that even making him a meth cooking drug lord would still leave Tyrion one of the more moral characters on that show.
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Lmao, this is a great idea.
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love it !!!! great idea :)
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this is absolutely great!!! 
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Thats a great concept!  It's amazing coloring, too.
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haha this is hilarious/amazing <3
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If there was ever a Lannister that was going to make meth, he'd be it... Love it!
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this is pure genius! Love the idea and realization.
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I think my life is now complete having seen this...
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tyrion and podrick as walter and jessie
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this is awesome, can you please tell me how you get smooth skin tones? 
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Wow, superb crossover, I love Tyrion's expression, two of my all time fave tv series in one :heart: :)
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