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ChrissysworldStudent General Artist
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Admire your style. Brilliant.
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luftwaveHobbyist Digital Artist
tooo nice 
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SpoonygeeHobbyist General Artist
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unkemptsnugglepepperHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the...texture/noise/motion to your paintings.  They have such life in them! 
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MartsuiaHobbyist Digital Artist
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JosiahjackProfessional Digital Artist
You are a Genius!
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K-MateProfessional Digital Artist
Wow i will learn a lot from these ones.
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KrizyProfessional General Artist
Argh, I wish I could understand colour and paint as well as you! This is just so awesome! :)
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RuzakiiHobbyist Digital Artist
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urminnetStudent Traditional Artist
Your process pieces are so inspiring and a perfect example (and I mean this in the best way) of how the process can be more intriguing than the finished piece. The second to last is my favourite, but your handling of the skin's surface in the last one is great. It makes the skin and flesh look real and glowing.
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ArdentMindProfessional Filmographer
I like the second to last one the best. 
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awesome work, trying to understand your thinking process!
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what brushes do you use?
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philippeLHobbyist Traditional Artist
truly amazing
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Iceey23 General Artist
Backwards it looks like he exploded haha
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Cartr1dgeBasedHobbyist Digital Artist
favourite actor atm
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yurifaria157Hobbyist General Artist
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DRJoojiStudent General Artist
this is really awesome! thanks for the process! will help a lot!
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MboogyStudent Artist
and here I thought it was Shia Labeouf.. hehe
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