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Sakura Heffron Colour Study - Process

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 How impressive!
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Oh, welp never mind my previous comment. I just found out you do have video processes 8D beautiful work as always! 
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Ahh, I would love to see a video process of your portraits ;0; They all of such beautiful and unique brush strokes <3 
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I'd love to see the original picture u used as reference
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Your process is so unusual! I can't help thinking that it's reversed, that you do the portrait with some usual method, then paint it back over to abstract forms)) Damn, it's magic)))
Egxe's avatar
yeah a lot of popular artists do that but he shared couple timelapse videos(…) you can clearly see he starts like that
alexandresama's avatar
He doesn't tho, it's just as easy to fake the step by step as it is to fake the timelapse videos. I've seen guys on reddit laying the 'refrences' and final pieces on top of each other, and guess what, a perfect match! Genius or scam? You decide
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Yes, i KNOW he really starts like that, it's just my brain is been tricked)))
werslon's avatar
i'll never know how you manage to have the perception to start with any kind of piece, like srsly how complex D: (nice pic btw :3)
tdktdktdk's avatar
The way you put your brush strokes together is amazing.
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Fascinating artwork! It's so abstract yet so realistic at the same time, I love it! 😃
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This is really inspiring! ~
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Nice Color. interesting way of blocking colors with pattern brush. )
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