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Portrait Practice 9

Another portrait study after work. 

1 hour 30 minutes. I will also upload a time-lapse as soon as its ready.

The stunning reference can be found here… 
Madison by EmilySoto
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That's really beautiful.

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Beautiful work!

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very nice! I like it!
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very nice study would look lovely in colours...:heart:
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I know this piece is kind of old, but nice touch adding the eye highlights. Really makes it pop, I think.
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Really lovely, the melancholy is perfect :-)
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wonderful work!
1.5 hour and such an masterpiece - it is amazing!

I like your portrait better as your interpretation seems to represent a deeper personality that suffered a lot and got harsh and serious life experience, while the reference looks rather like a beautiful actress.
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Nice work! Mind if I ask what program you use?
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Beautiful job!
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great work..
which brushes you using?? can u suggest me?
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This is stunning!! Amazingly beautiful work done here!! 
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how much cost you painting a portrait of my sister in an A3 size canvas.

thank you so much.

amazing works you have

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In the reference picture,she looks weary,where in yours,she looks bothered. It's not criticism,it's just an observation;I'm probably the only one who gets that feeling anyway. Awesome work! :hug:
Also: "The stunning reference can be four here…"

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I see what you mean. If you focus on the light in her eyes (maybe tears forming..?), I even get despair. She's got a great delicateness and real beauty.
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