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Downtime portrait in between work. Around 70 minutes :)


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That's a beautiful piece

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This is really beautiful.

OMG, that was YOU who did this painting? I saw this online when I did a search and ended up trying to draw another version. My first attempt didn't go so well, but my second went swimmingly. Not near this good, but this was my muse.

You're fantastic!!

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This is so beautiful.

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The brushwork is awesome

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the portrait has a cool stylised look with the different shapes of the brush. work showing through :D

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Très réussi ! ^^
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I watched the YouTube video and was simply amazed at how he created this.  I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with the statement "all men are created equal".  There is a talent here that is far and way a cut above what other people can do.  The most amazing thing is that he starts with a black canvas.  We all do, we artists.  However, when he is "done"... his "done" is so far beyond anything I have ever accomplished that it is awe inspiring.
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Amazing! I'd really like to learn the technique you use to lay down color! Is this something that came naturally to you or did you learn it from somewhere??
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Its beautiful! I really love your art!
Welp, thanks a lot, now I have to scroll through all your deviations in hopes of finding more amazingness.
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the colors and lighting makes her look almost like she has facets, like a precious stone.  It adds a really pretty effect!
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This is so georgeous ♥♥ :0
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this is so pretty, i wish i could draw like that Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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She's beautiful! Great work!
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Thank you for sharing the process and the brushes.

<3 love your work!
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I've just watched the process video and ... your gift is amazing.
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Beautiful drawing, especially up close! 
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Really beautiful. I love the the colours and how they blend with her skin tone.
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