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this is unbelievable!!!!!!

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I love how it goes from faded abstraction to this breathtakingly clean product!! Kudos 
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ur process is hard to understand 
Really stunning process!!!
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god this is so inspiring
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Ugh, I love this. But I don't understand how artists start with blobs and then keep going over them or refine them to make the end result. It confuses me. But it is so mesmerizing.
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I just wanted you to know that…
is using that for their video if they didn't tell you!
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Wow you're unbelievably talented. I love your style. Amazing that this was done on photoshop, it looks like oil paint on canvas.
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I love this kind of art😍
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not sure if you're okay with other people using your art, but i have seen this being used as a thumbnail for videos on youtube. 
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Wow... I could never do this, for sure. You have serious talent.
this is awesome! i love the colors!
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she is so beautiful !! Heart 
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this is so beautiful- i really love your style!
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Thanks for sharing 
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Stunning work, Aaron
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Fantastic! :star:
Thanks for showing your process.
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I love this process for your paintings. It makes the lighting absolutely exquisite. You are incredibly skilled and talented!
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