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Necromancer vs Diablo

I was commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard's Diablo 3 - Week of the Necromancer program. I am a fan of Diablo 3 and had a lot of fun interpreting these characters in my own style.
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Necromance power has no effect on Diablo as he is a Demon and not an undead. Conjure up all the skeletons you want but the lord of hell will just stand there laughing at you. Awesome picture however.

( Obviously Im just talking about a typical necromancer and not our Nephalym characters so please dont start losing your sht folks.)

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Amazing job here! How do you come up with fighting scenes like this? Can you please tell me?
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Wow, Amazing!
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nize ! 
and congratz on the comission :) !
Your Work is Astonishing!! Excellent piece!!
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this is my favorite character in Diablo, back then... :3
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Really love the colors and composition! 
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That Necromancer is definitely my favourite thing about the piece
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Amazing work ! :D
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Favourite day so far! I just love the contrast of the cool blue against Diablo. This makes the Inarius set look really opulent regal.
Nice... my D3 Necro is level P800 almost. Very lovely painting.
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Nice. Very niiiiiccceee.
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Masterpiece.  Amazing on so many levels.  Wow.  Can't stop looking at this.   :beer:
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Doez this mean the necromancer is being released?!?! Ive got a WD and Barb, ive been dying to play the necro.
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It's been out for a week, 15 bucks tho :)
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This looks amazing
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