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Lunch break Sketch

Just a little something i did on my lunch break at the office. :)
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It had been murder, nothing short of murder.

And they had been friends.

Almost like sisters.

For years.

For many, many, years...

...then it happened.

Who really knows what brought it on, her story had changed at least a dozen times over the course of the last week alone.

But jealousy had infected her friend, it had taken root in Liz's heart and deep within her fevered brain.

Mary never saw it coming.

Never knew what Liz had done to her car, to the breaks...

...until the very day when she awoke from her coma.

Modern science had managed to keep Mary from the cold clutches of death...

...but the life she had lived, the life that she had known was now over.

As Mary stared at her cyber enhanced face, glared at the prosthetic nose and jaw as the heartbroken rage built within her.

Liz had done this to her.

Her friend.

Her "sister".

Her ally. Tears streamed down her face as she stared at her own reflection.

This was her life now.

Now and from here on in.

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WOW! What amazes me most (and it's difficult to choose!) is the skin texture! How?!
Xehiros's avatar
Looks incredible.
Lovely. Enki Bilal comes to mind...
EisArt's avatar
I love that... May I ask what brush you used for that chaulk effect
Maccyjoe's avatar
Love it, awesome artwork!
ExevaloN's avatar
Love the mask's design!
aidanclearyart's avatar
Amazing :D How long did that take? :)
life90's avatar
why are there lights coming out of her nose? o.O
Iceey23's avatar
This is amazing
Keep getting back to it for inspiration
Very cool, mad props :)
sofian-artist's avatar
i like the light is awesome²
2ambranding's avatar
grenader1's avatar
Love the highlights & linework
PortraitOfInnerSelf's avatar
How do you do skins pores ! o_O
I wish to now so I'm going to practice NOW.
PortraitOfInnerSelf's avatar
My bad, I found the process for Sansa
thank you again to share your skills !
Swetlisa's avatar
This work is inspiring! +fav  What did you use to produce the sketch?
Minidarkcalibur89's avatar
Nice ! I reallly like the lights she has ^^
BnW-JACK's avatar
awesome portrayal of emotion here, very quick still
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