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Late Night Speedpaint

About 35 minutes sketching this out before bed. Inspired by Far Cry 4's Shangri-La.
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if u squint it looks exactly like hollowknight

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make me think of Hircine the Daedric prince of the eternal hunt from Elders scrolls series
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Loves red and white, loves deer, loves the woods. THIS IS PERFECT!!!
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I was thinking GOF patronus. Stunning!
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OMG! I can't believe that I found you! I saw this picture on Pinterest and I am totally in love with it! I am so happy that I found it's creator! Your works are amazing and inspirational! ^^ 
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Expecto patronum!!!
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I'm so deeply in love with your art. 
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Looks like harry potter's scene, in which harry is in jungle and snape's patronus calls him towards sword (7th book)
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Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! :)
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wonderful use of color and textures! I love it ♥
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espectro patronus!
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So bold and beautiful, great work!
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i can;t help but to think harry potter?
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Wow! Cool picture!:D
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Ugh this is so beautiful...mystical! Great job!
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