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Face Studies 5

A few more portrait studies this evening. Continuing to explore emotions and capture a likeness.
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i really like your style

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is that a scene of black mirror the woman crying ? amazing work, i'm a big fan.
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awesome! great job (:
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Love this so much!
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I see that you use photoshop. All painted on one layer? Or many? And do you use multiple brushes? Or just one? Do you sketch it out first or just start painting?
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Great use of color!
Skilodracus's avatar
Amazing! How long does it take you to draw a face like that?
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Thank you very much! :)

The black and white portraits took around 35 minutes and the colour ones took almost an hour. 
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Wonderful portraits 
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Wow ... this is exceptional.
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Man do always love seeing Simon Pegg's silly comical face! :D
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
YES! You knew it was Simon Pegg ha ha… i thought it looked more like a young Jack Nicholson when i finished.
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I never even thought about how much Simon Pegg looks like Jack..neat art by the way
Primal-Mythos's avatar
No way, I could INSTANTLY tell it was him, I loved watching him in both Spaced and the Cornetto trilogy! 
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