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Environment Speedpainting 2

Wanted to get some more concept art into my gallery :)

No ref... around 4 hours

Walkthrough... [link]
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very nice! The ship is really cool!
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Very good piece. The lighting and overall atmosphere is strong and nothing feels off. However I feel it's lacking in subject matter. Although I understand it is an environment painting, the subject of the city is too far in the background and leaves the work feeling a little bit empty. Something in the foreground to compliment the piece, however simple, would really bring the work together. Other than that small complaint, it's very good!
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I like the textures on hills.:)
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Why thank you, i am glad you like it! :)
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Really cool. I love the skyline.
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Thanks a lot man, i appreciate it! :)
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tiny pic! D:
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Thanks for sharing.
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You are most welcome :)

I hope to record my next one, so hopefully i can give a more informative video tutorial... hopefully :)
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I'll keep an eye out for that. :)
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If I could do this in 4 hours, I'd be long done with all the visualization for project EXO.....
Did you use any refs at all? O.o
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
WOW that is a comment! ...look at all those capitals! :D

Thank you so very much man, i am very glad you like it... A spontaneous piece... and a bit out of depths to my usual works... but if i wish to make it as a conceptual artist as well... i need to start stretching the boundaries of my imagination... Was plenty of fun to do though lol

Project exo of course... perhaps this is where i can begin with some contributions... as so far... my help has been of no use lol

And nooo no reference... inspiration for sure... but nothing i have used to help craft what you see... just a spur of the moment sort of thing.

Thanks again man, it means a lot!
Ragaru's avatar
Capitals barely express the excitement I i really felt over seeing this level of speedpainting...

Oh I just don't like it, I Love it!
This will by all means draw you as a an electron towards the industry of concept art represented by a Halogen, when together the art will be of a nobel nature... IT'S SCIENCE! DON'T QUESTION IT! =D

The style you have used here is so different, yet it still hold some of your standard features of form language and shading.
But what impresses me is the entire execution, the architectural design and color use pulls me directly towards Ralph McQuarrie.
Lucas leading Conceptual artist for the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

So to me this piece mad a... shall we say significantly heavier impact on me compared to earlier works of yours.
I just simply love it!

If you've still got the original PSD file I'd love to perform an autopsy of it, I really am curious as of your process of progression in this one.
Though I clearly see the use of lasso tool and natural media brushes, but the complete contextually is beyond me, as I myself in no possible way can achieve such a level of harmony expression and realism, in play of colors...
Be it i am limited by pc power, or time spent on actual practice of such works are non existent, I desperately need to understand!

If you were to contribute with works of such a nature, EXO would be Visualized in the most beautiful way... then I'd feel like George Lucas "hiring" you as the McQuarrie when starting on SW! O.o
(Also the piece reminds me of what i imagine the landscape to be at the Twilight Rim of the EXO planet, in colours and topography)

I am more impressed than i have ever been, that i can remember, you really keep on surprising me.

No problem at all, beholding the evolution of your art, do likewise mean a lot to me as well =D

Fascinating how much you've evolved artistically over the past half year...
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
... :omg:

Okay lol... thaaaat was a comment!!! :D

I cannot show enough thanks Ragaru for that, it truly means a lot... I have placed the psd file for you in DB, but as i merged the layers and little to learn from my workings... i have taken the liberty of creating a simple step by step walkthrough, which you can see here... [link]

And i did indeed use the lasso... i have not included it into any of my current paintings... and it was great to use it on this here piece. It saves so much time and creates a wonderful technique...

I really cannot think what to say, thank you sooo much again man, i reaaally appreciate it!!!
Ragaru's avatar
When I comes to art that really inspire and makes an impact i get excited an throws up a page of stuff to say easily =D

Aye a fine one too!

I gotta try getting used to it.. tried several times, but always ended up... messy and odd looking..

Anytime Sarge!
I'm glad to witness the evolution of an artist.. and this is going towards something great! =D
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Ha ha, that is something i have come to notice yes... its wonderful that you are able to talk about things with such a passionate input, many people only share a few words :)

You tried to use the lasso you mean? ...alone it can look odd yes... but with texturising and small details over the top... it sets great shape and contour to work over.

Thanks again... again! :D
Ragaru's avatar
I have a passion for art so it comes natural, especially as I've developed a philosophy over the years...
And yes other just throw in compliments in for of words describing something of "awesomeness" to different degrees, without telling their opinion and what makes the impact on them.. oh well.

Aye I have.. not that i don't use it.. i use it all the time.. but not in such a way for defining areas of lighted surfaces... But that was some time ago.... I might try again.. but on the limited resolution, it's almost discouraging, as It will be sticking out too obvious.. Your piece for example, does at its didplay resolution look like a piece of utter perfection in details.. but with the original size you can see up close what creates the illusion of what we see, thinking of the amount of details and precision you don't need to think about, as they'll be looking good from afar...
As Dan said.. the bigger res... the messier you can paint =D

I guess we are past the formalities, as I respect you so much as i do, you need not thank me for anything. It's the standard procedure of being positively responding to the artists expression, at any time =D
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awesome! I love the mood and the perspective.
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Why thank you very much! :D
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you're welcome, mate :)
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love it. very inspiering
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Thank you very much man, i appreciate it!
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