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Colour Study Process

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It is so super kind of you to show your process. Seeing this sort of thing gives me some hope for how to colour. Thank you! :)

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how do you create this distorted pattern?
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It might be in his brush pack, but basically he's using the brush customization tools in Photoshop. You can set the 'jitter' amount (think randomization) on anything. Size, rotation, shape, color, value, etc.

If you have Photoshop, there is an icon that looks like a can of brushes. It's in the upper left next to the brush shape and size. Look up a video on customizing brushes.

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Wow I just found your gallery and I really love your work. Great skills! Your brushwork is amazing 
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Dang I could hung any of these on a wall
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It's really cool to see how much your drawing process looks like sculpting but into colors. Awesome job !
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Amazing..just speechless!I am curious to know your thought process in your works. 
This is great. Am really trying to understand color. Do you have any pointers?
please make tutorial
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cool but that jump from 2 to 3 though...
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is there a reason you use weird color jitter brushes? it's pretty interesting... usually I feel like it's really weird but you make it look fine
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If I had to guess (and your comment sparked my thought) it's because it adds more tone and highlights than a usual brush? It makes sense in my head, but explaining it maybe not so much so.
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yeah I get what u mean, esp looking at the process, thx :)
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If you look at sophisticated traditional painting, there are usually layers of color under the obvious top coat. Look at works by Hopper (Nighthawks) for example. I find this frustratingly difficult to master. :)

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Wow, from a color blob to a realistic human. That's what I call a pro
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WOW! So pretty 😍
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