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Colour Study Process

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Perkele thought the last one was a photo with a filter on it for a sec

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That's amazing! look like a real photo

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i'll be lucky to get to the second stage
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oh man, your work is magnificent! I wanna be like you one day
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i dont know man, you post a process but when i line up your painting with the reference, all the elements line up too exactly. 
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Hey Sam, i can assure you it is no paintover. Should you have doubts on the painting... by all means check out my youtube channel where I have the full process to my other studies...…
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thanks, im a new fan. :)
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amazing gallery. love your strokes.
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That light is so pure I swear I can feel the heat from it, gorgeous work, it really came to life.
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Mmm, that sub surface scattering! Really nice work!
riberma's avatar
great !! 
:D (Big Grin) 
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This is pretty good!
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Nicely done! :)

And this is all in one layer?
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
Thank you very much!! And yes everything was on just the one layer :)
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Wow, very nice! :D

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Keep up the great work! 
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You're amazing. Your understanding of colour and shape astounds me.
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Holy shit, when I briefly looked at this when you posted it the other day I just assumed it was a photo... lol
Sam-Nicholson's avatar
line up the reference with the photo.  paintover!!
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