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Colour Study 03

Lunchtime study, roughly 40 minutes.


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Oh my god, Jesus Christ, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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This is beautiful!
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this one is great! love the color
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Love this - beautiful :heart:
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It is excellent. I do not know what to do to stop admiring your "Lunchtime" so much.
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Busy yet simple... Very impressive.  
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such an amazing use of tones and colors 
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Really nice portrait !
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Brilliant work!
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No joke, this actually looks like a friend of mine--same hairstyle, wears glasses, and seems to like having blue hair!

Awesome artwork! :)
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I really like your style. The textures are fun here, and the colours spot on too =p
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Shouldn't you name the original owner of the pictures you used or at least post the original photo under your work? Or is it out nowadays? Confused 
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
I have already spoken to the owner of the photograph and told me she did not want me to reference her in the description. Not too sure why. But you are right, a link to the reference should be there. I didn't have the original source or have the original photo anymore but I shall add it now :) thank you for the link.
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This is one of my favorite of yours! Great work!
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Excellwen Potraits
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Omigod this is so niceee. I love all the textures and the colors... Also the lighting!!! The wall she's leaning up against freaking makes it!!!! You executed it so well
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Incredible work dude!
DominicHautmann's avatar
beautiful piece, love your style! :)
Holy crap I know this person.
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Excellent digital paint......
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