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Colour Study 02 Process

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Thanks for sharing your process, this is really amazing.
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Очень очень очень круто+fav +fav +fav Heart 
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OMG! I love your art! And I'm so interested in trying to do something like this :) 
Sending smile from Serbia! :)
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I downloaded your brushes and I'm lOVING THEM!! I have a question, when you make color studies with a reference, do you use the eye dropper tool for picking the colors from the picture? or is that cheating?
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Hey! So glad you are enjoying the brushes! :)

Theres a lot of debate about it being cheating and in some cases... it can even help you understand the colours when you eyedrop and test them out. But... I would recommend doing it by eye for the best results as you can start testing your ability to see the colours correctly. And if its not right you can analyse them further and resolve the problem through trial and error. :)
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got it. thank you so much! I'll keep at it, and I look forward to see more of your art!
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awsome colors! great stuff
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I love your work, your such a great painter!
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Very awesome steps to try .. well posted !! thank you for posting this
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For those who do not quite understand the process that Aaron uses, be aware that the panels he shows us are not the only steps his painting has. He makes many, MANY, brush strokes in between each panel shown. So for the people that get frustrated trying to mimic his style understand that he puts much more work into a painting than you see here.  So keep working at it but be patient! Just a real life lesson kids!
yep but he needs 2 do more brush stokes in the top ones
MiddyRose's avatar
No he doesn't?? It's a process.. do you know what a process even is? 
this is ok you need to keep practising though and maybe you can get all 6 looking good.
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Dude... This isn't about making all 6 looking good, its literally a process. The 6th pic is the finished piece. 
thnx yeh i know.but the top ones dont look very good an the bottom rihgt looks relly good.thx 

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but of course they don't look good they weren't finished yet... the start of any painting will always look terrible if he went back and made step 1 2 and three look better then what it actually looked like at that step of painting it would be dishonest it would be saying these are the steps i took to make a painting when it actually wasn't because the steps have been altered to make each step look prettier than it actually was.  These pictures show in honesty how he went about making the sixth amazing picture.
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Nice! Thanks for sharing your work flow with us :)
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How much time you spend on this one?
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