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Evenings Study :)

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You've got some of the truly most excellent talented art works I have ever seen here on this page which fits people like your style. I mean some of the best really like hm Y o u!!!😉

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there is an interesting variant of this picture from Janjung Chen, I like them both, love your art.

How do I buy a print of this?

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Gorgeous piece.
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Love the lighting :D
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One of the best traditional & digital artists around...
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i like that light coming from the cigarette, it's so nice to look at.
I love your artwork, thank you for faving one of my images in a red coat!
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Wonderful colors!!
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amazing...realy amazing.
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I love it so much, it's amazing :) (Smile)
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wow, just wow. do you think youll ever do a process video? :o
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Great! Is it oil or acrylic? :)
I really like the brushstrokes and the visible texture ^^
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Hey thank you! :)

Its actually digital, painted in photoshop :)
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No problem ^^

Heh, I guessed so after reading these tags and looking more carefully ;) great job anyways :)
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awesome study!
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I love how the portrait is shaped mostly by rough or textured brushstrokes, but you brought specific clarity and smoothness to her eyes. I really appreciate the whispy hair detail as well :) gives her character.
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This almost looks like a photograph. Amazing
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really astonishing
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She looks so much like Rey to me. I can't shake it.
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