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Have put up photos from a new skatepark in Melbourne's inner west called Rampfest. Am waiting on some lightstands to arrive from US to mount strobes..its fairly limiting without.
Have a look through my gallery's Rollerblading section.. Took some photos from the Splendid tour which is going around the east coast of Australia at the moment..
Since i've started skating again i'm gonna be doing a fair bit of skate photos..Have met a pretty good bunch of guys so will be tagging along with them to take shots and have a good skate.

I have Vivitar 285HV flash coming to use off-camera along with another radio transmitter.

Will be looking into some Lumopro or Manfrotto/Bogen lightstands shortly as well.

Lots of experimenting to be done....should be fun.
I got a PS3, Xbox360 and a Wii it is taking away time for me to take photos.

So here's what I have now...I better start taking more photos after thinking about the money i've spent considering its just a 'hobby'

Canon EOS 300D
Canon EOS 40D

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8
Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Canon EF 75-300mm
Sigma 10-20 EX

Canon Speedlite 430EX
Manfrotto 680B Monopod
ebay Remote
Cheap Inca tripod
4GB Extreme III CF
2x 1GB Ultra II CF

Crumpler Canon Special Edition
Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home
NaneuPro Bravo
I went to Myer today and walked out with a brand new Canon EOS 40D.

Also got a 5 million dollar home..(Crumpler camera bag)

Such a big step up from my old 300D. Can't wait to get out and start using it.

I also got a 5 million dollar home Crumpler bag. Myer Melb has a new Crumpler stand in the electronics level now..
Feel free to browse through my gallery and comment where you see fit.

I'm in the market for a 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens. Money Money Money! If anyone has any photo hook ups let me know. They're around about $1500 in the states and I don't really want to fork out $2500 AUD
I got a absolute crapload of nice pics from my US trip but yes..I'm a lazy arse and don't have the time to get them up..So here's a couple.

I was surprised that when I refreshed all these people had added my photo of Sarah to their favourites! Cheers!
I bought a Speedlite 430EX while over here in the US and im retarded at using it. Will be fun to learn some new things...I love bounce flash though.
Best new feature, ever. Finally..
Went and saw the Killers @ Rod Laver in Melb tonight with Sarah (Got tix for her B'day) and I must say I enjoyed it more than I thought..

Was good to muck around taking some photos too. Uploaded a bunch. Would be so much easier with a Canon 300mm f/2.8L or something..bit out of budget though hehe.

I just bought a Sigma 10-20mm lens in time for my America trip..Yipee!
decided to rummage through some old photos and put some on here.

some of them are even getting fave'd ..who'd have thought???
but whats the deal with the it mandatory now or something..

if so thats gay.

otherwise maybe i just missed something when posting...
is it me..or is the new craze to just vignette every shot to give it that whole 'top gear' look

im noticing it more and more now.
I've decided to clean up my i'll be re-releasing everything all nicely bordered up, cropped properly and maybe even some minor contrast/level adjustments.

Been wanting to do this for a long time so i'll slowly work though it.

For now everything else has been put into "Scraps"

Thanks for reading...any critique welcomed.
OK So I went out tonight and took a bunch of car photos, but also got a couple of nice urban shots.

Have a look!

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Just put some photos up..Check em out..


Muchacha the cat. by aaronactive

I finally got around to buying myself this funky little fixed lens.

Had a quick play and its pretty cool, will be interesting to see what I can do with it.

$137 - Not bad.
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Was up at Shepparton yesterday at DECA driving in the Motorkhana/Skidpan they held..

Loads of fun, Didn't take that many here's just a few.
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So I went to the Tennis tonight.

Took some photos..ENJOY!
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