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yt vlc

insanely minimal vlc skin inspired by the current youtube skin.
includes psd for devs ;)

there is not playlist or eq or fullscreen controls. nothing fancy. wysiwyg

it's open source. feel free to do ports. no permissions necessary
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Super theme! KUDOS ++

How to close video? I mean where is X button?

Ctrl+Q or right click to select Quit.

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Excellent work, Thanks :hug: It would be much better if we have a color

equalizer button instead of fast forward button :D

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Good job in resizing the player to the video format. Respect.

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Can´t resize or move it. Literally unusable...
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really a superb theme but can you make a version where when you maximize it, it will cover the whole screen? right now it doesnt cover the whole screen
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Minimalism - lovely!
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i cant download why not loading
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can you please make it a full skin
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Every time I put it in the skins folder, I cannot open VLC any more.
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hey guys check out my skin!.. [link]
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Awesome skin, can you please modify it to have those too:
1. Current time/Total time (fits perfectly in the middle between the volume bar & Play/pause/forward buttons).
2. auto-hide the controls bar so the video would be floating like Mac's Quicktime pro.
3. Playlist button.
4. Previous item in the playlist (next item is OK but this button is important too).
Thanks again.
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