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kenpske -- win7 32bt theme.



ascertain the relevance of the name, kenpske?

remember that strange shadow+frame effect i did with kuro? well i've taken it to the next level! the bottom frame here is a 42px shadow extension! this allows me to have a huge clean curve on the bottom without having 20px wide frames!

there shouldn't be any problems. everything is working perfectly. i've included my resources folder with png's and psd's..

other stuff in the shot includes:
the explorer frame in the shot is jg-visuals - gaia09
the wallpaper is durnaurion's - cloudburst mod
the miranda is project24 - project24 (layered mode disabled)
the icons are silencemira - pure
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I'm a dumbass and I want to install this without screwing up my whole system. Could anyone provide me a little tutorial?