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fat mad custo skillz



(i have updated this to include icons for customizing the toolbar and a read me including information and links)
its a start page that i built from [link] by ~nanu08

to customize the links you really don't need any html knowledge.. but, you really must be able to read english. Open home.htm and edit the link url's and the link titles.

I will attempt to explain in detail how to achieve the desired look.


Firefox Version 3.6.8 (it might work with any 3.6.X but i can't be sure)

Add-ons (you will need the following addons..)

Stylish: [link]
Custom Buttons2: [link]

OS Theme - you will need a dark minimal style theme for your system. if you're on ubuntu use mine. [link]


Stylish Scripts:
Navigate to the following links and install the stylish scripts. (if they don't look right, you're probably on the wrong version of firefox)

Safari Like browser mods: [link]
This changes a lot of little things to make the interface more simple.

Safari Like upside down tabs: [link]
this will flip your tabs. (you will need to open the CSS code and modify the tab color #191919 to match the color of the toolbar in the theme you're using. you may also want to modify the the tab border colors #000000 etc.)

Remove Toolbar Hover Frame: [link]
AutoHide Statusbar Icons: [link]

There are a ton of pre-made Custom Buttons here: [link]
I've included the icons i used, however, if you're using WINDOWS it is extremely difficult for an average user to modify the Navigation buttons without installing a new theme. i won't explain how, i'll just give you a basic example
1: rename jar to zip
2: extract zip
3: find toolbar images
4: modify images using photoshop
5: replace images
6: zip files
7: rename zip to jar
8: install jar in ff
Easy enough?

If you're using Ubuntu
1: replace icons in your icons theme folder. done


That is basically all i have done to achive this firefox look.
1: apply dark minimal system theme
2: mod browser using css in stylish
3: replace navigation icons and install custom buttons

good luck!
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