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elementary Dark Gtk



update: fixed emerald. sorry about that, i hope you all thanked seahorsepip for helping out
a quick tip in case you run into this kinda issue again.. a lot of times these things are just .tar.gz or .zip for example, renamed. re-rename it .tar.gz and then extract the folder manually. jar is another good example ;)

Happy Holidays!
this is just a mod of elementary
all credit goes to
and credits to
*seahorsepip for his awesome nautilus nav buttons =D

currently there is no metacity, and a lot of little things aren't finished. expect an update in the new year. there is a nice matching pidgin screenlet config in there.
Enjoy! see you next year

eDark Gnome-Panel
eDark Vlc
eDark Covergloobus
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oh the emerlad is solved.
and 1 more question..
how you make that panel look like that??
i saw that is a global menu and what is that..?
i mean the main menu how to make look like that..?
i have elementary theme too but the "e" symbol not look like that, and my "e" symbol is black on black panel (this gtk) look so damn..

thanks sorry for bother u with my stupid question like this