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eDark Vlc Upgraded

ossom Vlc (a light version)
eDark PotPlayer by ~dlind87
eDark caption mod slight changes for those who want more traditional caption buttons =)

:iconeamon63: and :iconmonkeyb07:
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Thank, but it makes VLC to take so long to start - about 3 seconds.

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please upload your theme to official VLC Skin or Theme site because there action was very helpful for user who doesn't have deviant art account and new bie people

please for upload your own theme to

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Really Nice! look very well too at VLC Player v. 3.0.11 Vetinari on Win-XP MiniOS and Win-7 Ultimate x86.

Thank you Aaron-A-Arts

terima kasih kerja bagus!

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I've created an updated version of this with close button on the right side, increased full screen control size, and smoother look.
Final Dark - Schwax
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Anyway you can make a flat/metro version?
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muchas gracias, esta buenísimo
can you make the bottom button bar smaller like half of what is now and change the functionality of the time bar like this: the left tells the time elapsed and the right one the reminig time
One of the best VLC themes ever. Thanks!

( ...mysteriously broken download over at the VideoLAN web site, but DA to the rescue yet again. )
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Is it also for Linux?
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yes it is...
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It is really great........Thanks
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Cool i'll try this.
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nice.... thank you.....
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Awesome piece of work man. Been my personal favorute for ages.
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love it I'm gonna download VCL now
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Thank you for upgrade.
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Hi, please tell me how can I add the time in fullscreen mode, I've found the theme file but what do I need to add/edit ?

Nice skin btw :) in fact it's like the only one :))
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the interface and playlist can't display the simplified chinese
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