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By Aaron-A-Arts
Museo Windows 7 32 bit
original suite [link]
64 bit system files [link]

to use this theme you MUST DISABLE BLUR! it is a harmless advanced option that you can enable with this tool [link] note that you can re-enable blur at any time.

UPDATES: fix a few taskbar issues and added LARGE fonts
(the grouped taskbar buttons will look a little wider than normal, this is unavoidable due to the images, and margins)
© 2009 - 2021 Aaron-A-Arts
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thanks for sharing
clalow12's avatar
i hope this would be on win8 next. nice work.
thekjub's avatar
thx you fu my comp.... installed your explorer and frame dll with windows7theme installer 100%safe ... everything was down ... safemode f stupid windows safe mode runs from the same explorer.exe stupid f's so no safe mode ... totalcommander saved me ... go one old explorer.exe and no clean one from net but stil .. firefox shows no class registered on opening files, powerarchiver crasshes all the time ... thank you
Yethiel's avatar
I second. It was hell.
NeEsZmEeCk's avatar
is a great VS, i love it
DANSAN79's avatar
are you gonna do a 64 bit
Cool Theme!:w00t!:

Windows 7 64bit version of ExplorerFrame.dll here: [link]

enjoy! :)
callmexist's avatar
rad bro! good job! :D
DocBerlin77's avatar
very nice great work ;)
callmexist's avatar
how can we go about getting this to work on 64 bit? maybe sending you the system files to edit perhaps?
What a shame it doesn't work on Windows 7 64 bit. :(
Enigz's avatar
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
i think if you search around they did a true transparency theme and an xp style
lolymoune's avatar
Windows 7 64 bit ?
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
Try and see. themes are usually commpatible with both, system files like explorer.exe and system32.dll are not
vanessabanessa89's avatar
Hmm.... Willing to check this out. ;)
Stratia's avatar
how did u get rid of all the icons?
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
setting blank icons and using taskbar icon blanker ;)
Danlosant's avatar
omfg! assom VS, nice port dude
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