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if you like my themes please consider dona.... oh right, no one man made this
PSD used creating this theme.
this is my current setup. its a mod of Wave which is a mod of elementary. both awesome themes. this theme requires the latest murrine and aurora. it also requires that you have nautilus elementary. i mean, it will work without, but nautilus will look terrible. this includes a redesigned midori. edit your midori toolbar items to match the preview.
i recommend the following icons
4 emerald themes
2 gtks
1 metacity
2 panels
1 docky
5 wallpapers

How to Use the Panels
if your screen is 1920 just open panel properties and select the panel image.
if you need to customize the transparent panel, or use a different screen resolution edit the panel image accordingly using GIMP or Photoshop. the easiest method is to create a new document matching the height of the panel image, but using your own screen width. then, paste the panel image in there and cut the ends into place
in ccsm add this under window decoration/decorate windows
any& !(type=dock)

credits to :iconseahorsepip: and :icondanrabbit:

open source
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would this work on xfce window manager?
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it's gtk + emerald ;)
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emerald uses compiz. i'm pretty sure you'll need to replace the xfce windows manager. it's not exactly designed for xfce ;)
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i love this theme. sadly, gnome 2 isnt going to be around much longer. are you going to make a gtk3 theme of this?
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if i can find a way to use gtk3 in webtop on my atrix, yeah. probably =)
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cool--this is my favorite theme
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=) it's probably the smoothest thing i've ever done
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awesome~ thanks a lot~
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Sorry mate, my mistake XD
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Awesome! Can you make a version for LiteStep
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alright alright, i get it. remind me again in 2 weeks xD
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Awesome! Can you make a version for LiteStep?
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A Litestep version would be great!
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A Litestep version (for Windows) would be great!
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maybe. it would be really simple to make a taskbar with that style in litestep =)
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any chance to port it on 7?
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something similar is being done
you might want to stir him up so he'll get it finished lol
I need your help!!!
how can I create a transparent separator to the toolbar of your theme? What should I change?

sorry for my English I'm using the google translator

i am italian
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on the panel you mean?
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