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Kuro 2010 for Windows 7

Windows 7 Aero x86 and x64 only.
Check my Gallery for the Original Vista theme.
The Replacements are x86 ONLY!
You MUST have DISABLED BLUR to use this!
Use this tool [link] by :iconpacmani:

I changed a lot of little things to fit better with the theme.
i added a substyle using a lighter gray as seen in the preview.

Zip Includes:
Windows 7 theme
Litestep theme
Four custom wallpapers
Replacements for explorer.exe and ExplorerFrame.dll

OPEN SOURCE! you don't have to share, but it would be nice if ya did
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no sé portugues

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Hi love this theme.  I'd like to edit your visual style for personal use.  Do you think you could help me find the images for the scrollbar? There seem to be a lot of different graphics for the scrollbar, I don't know which elements are which.
control panel shell please?
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setting this up is very tricky.. Instructions are very vague. If you are beginners, dont install it. 
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pls somebody tell me how to download this... 

you create an account on deviant art and download it :-)

What exactly is that bar on the bottom? The one that says "Current User: Aaron   Uptime: 0days....". Is it a tool you can use on Win7?
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how to acess .rc files??
please help
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Hello How to install this pls help me... 
Hey I like the theme, but somehow when I use this theme, I am unable to use the drop-down get to work. but when I change to other them, it works again. Here is the example, after I download a file and click on icon to view the downloaded files, firefox does not list down the files list like it use to and I had to use the hotkey to open. Please help!
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thanks very nice theme
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i Can't download this pl help me
how download this  

good theme and nice job

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How to install it... sorry!!! I AM NEW....
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very nice, great work :)
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This is the best theme so far, but it is a little too dark, would be better if it was a *little* bit more bright. If you want, you can do another version of it, but more transparent and a little bright, (but yet with the same color than the original, black). I say this because not every user will use the wallpapers provided with the theme, some wallpapers can be dark as well, so it's hard to see the windows in this case (and even if the wallpaper is white or clear, in bigger monitors is hard to see the buttons on the top of the windows (close, minimize, etc) and this can be annoying sometimes). Sorry for any mistakes, just a suggestion. :)
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