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Classic V2 beta 2



b beta 2!
Substyle with borders
Updated taskbar style
i haven't addressed most of the bugs yet, i just changed up the taskbar and added the borders version for people to test out. with the borders version you should have no trouble with Chrome and Opera and the titlebar icon looks better for those who wish not to remove icons. You may still need to remove blur so that the curvey top frame corners look right. not sure

IMPORTANT! Read this.
To use the theme you need to disable Blur. To do this use this simple tool [link]
You also will want to hide your titlebar icon. Use this tool [link]
You may also want a shadow on your taskbar [link]

the icons in use are from tango. i used the win 7 patcher
the wallpaper is from AMANA

to firefox "Stylish" users:
check this out [link]
its all the code i use to make firefox look good with this theme. i combined all my styles and uploaded em as one for convenience. i also use the extension "Glasser"
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gimme link for that litestep theme