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APPOWS2010 Litestep

:iconneiio: :iconakka: :iconrecyclebiin:
and :iconamadme: for grounded. possibly my favorite litestep theme.

Check out the suite [link]
And look here for even more APPOWS stuff [link]

Please, Please, Please read the damn ReadMe. I won't answer questions that i've already addressed.

To XP users: Let me know how these tray style icons work on your xp machines. If you know some litestep configuration, and can fix/optimize the icons for xp please tell me how and i'll credit you in the updates =)

Wallpapers featured [link] [link] [link]
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hey, I got a little problem, i know this post is like OLD, but, I just download it on my old computer and I cannot access to the menu presing shift + click on the desktop, it just... doesnt work... :P

and also the first module fails at download.
Hey man, I love this theme, but I can't find a working download for xPaintClass anywhere. Can you put one up?
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The first package on the list of plugins to download fails to initialize. Is the repo down?
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i like it very but how i can run it on xp
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Best litestep theme EVEEER!!! i am using it for 1 year or so and i still love it!!! great job Aaron
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thank you =) it's a very simple litestep resource
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simple but effective and awesome! XD
BAhhh, just found that litestep only supports 32bit.
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nice work dude

after a while learn that you don't need anyone else in order to survive, no one is ever going to always be there, no matter what they say or what they promise you
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can you show me how to edit start menu shortcut :) example: internet, how to open google chrome when I left click on "Internet", i have tried to edit startmenu.rc but it not work, please help me ")
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Thanks for introducing me to LiteStep, but why is the bar so big? Also, is there any way to prevent windows from going underneath it? thanks.
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jdesk has margins set that should prevent the window from occupying that space.. are you talking about dragging windows under it?

the bar is just a style preference. you can edit it pretty easily if you're handy with a graphics editor, and can read plain english =D i'm not being a smart ass i'm serious, the config is plain english
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ahaha, yah it really messed my pc up by making it to where the whole interface went black and explorer wasn't working. Had to restore my PC, I don't think I wanna even try to do it again. If you could help me to get the actual appows theme set up though I would greatly appreciate it. I'm on Windows Vista, I have Skype and Team Viewer if you agree to help!
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well there are endless tutorials already on the web. the catch to windows is patching the system files that control the themes. uxtheme patcher is a good search term. google that and you should quickly find everything you need. just read, don't rush into it. get familiar with how it works then do it
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I've read them over and over, patch, then put the themes in the themes folder, then apply. I can do that, just not replace the system files, last time I did that it did what I had explained above about the whole interface going black.
merci j'adore ce thème!!
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merci beaucoup lol =)
i don't speak french
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I'm too busy to look through 5 pages of comments to see if you had any good WinXP suggestions but mine is you could disable the tray icons if they are reported not working.

Just use a simple lscore conditional expression:
[place tray icons]

Or if you're using the LS 0.25.0 alpha build you can use
IF WinVista OR Win7
[place tray icons]

Anyway i like your work.
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that's a pretty awesome idea. that would definitely work. i'll try to make time to update this theme while i'm in a dual boot environment
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Are the easy to uninstall and return fully back to windows
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