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Update Fixes:

  • control panel sidebar colors

  • various text colors for light backgrounds

  • run dialog

  • shadowless and fading frames

  • flashing tasks and other task contrasts

  • tray switches

  • various tweaks here and there

New features:

  • logon screen

  • new command bar via shell32 + additional themes to match

  • explorerframe.dll's for those who need them

the shell32 files are set up to go well with the faenza icon patcher i highly recommend using this patch with this theme. run the patch, then manually replace shell32 with the one from my download, then reboot

site includes download links for the theme and the PSD used in development. it's all open source, non-commercial.

don't worry, there is no mandatory trojan, this page is a portfolio.

i'm accepting donations for the first time in my career. look for the link if you want to buy me a drink.

ADOBULATED Pot Player! if you don't use pot player, you should
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404 Not Found/ADOBULATED was not found on this server.
I've asked the author for reup but no answer.

Could someone repost the original 7z theme and the psd file?

Thank you very much
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Thank you very much.
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all links are dead. plz reupload.
All links appear dead.
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is there any explanation how to install this? the readme file in it is not gonna bring me further
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Download from:…

since the author's website is no more.
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OK. Luckily I had not deleted it yet from my computer, it took quite a while to locate it online. I uploaded the file to my Dropbox account, here is the link:…

*Notice that if the author (Aaron-A-Arts) wants me to delete it I will have to do it. All he has to do is send me a private message with the request.
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Thank you very much! :)
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The best dark theme!
By the way, it work great even without changing system files like explorerframe, shell32, etc.
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Can you please reupload the theme? Or can someone link me theme in inbox?
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Download from:…

since the author's website is no more.
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The site is down.
Please make it for windows 10
I second that emotion! It's my current theme in Windows 7! I love it because it is easy on the eyes! I hate staring at white all day long at work. When i get home, its nice to use a mid-tone grey that doesn't give you a headache! There are themes like mix max, but nothing like this theme for win 10. PLEASE make it for 10!!!!!
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I can't download it too. Can U do reupload?
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Hi Aaron,

Can I download this theme please? your site is down. :(
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Finally I found it! I had this theme a while ago just found! Also great job one it this theme is excellent!
Great theme, exactly what I was looking for! My only issue is with the control panel and computer properties at the moment, they still have a bright color but that's probably cause I had to download an old version from the comments cause your download link is down :(
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