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+1 players -UPDATED 11.20-

UPDATED 11/20: i added a couple foobar components that i missed

UPDATED 11/18: i fixed the configuration files in foobar. it should work now =)

+1 Windows 7

OK folks, here we have
mplayer ww
cd art display

the foobar readme is a rich text document. it contains images to help you out

i need some feedback on the foobar installation procedure and instructions. i think i covered everything, but if it comes out looking odd hit me up and we'll try to figure out what i missed.

mad respect to
for the original foobar skin
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Please make this for Windows Media Player :D
 Windows 7
Party What Does The Fox Say Thanks for the Watch 
Lol Eyeless Jack XD 
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crashed. it fails to import a couple things from the fcl. everytime i try to load it, it doesnt display right and says 'aw, crashed'
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This theme is awesome :( plz update it sometime
What version of foobar has to be used?
Does it only work on W7?
I get an error:

Scripting Engine Initialization Failed ({C55F07A9-9FD7-4EBA-A051-C6788F19523D}, CODE: 0x80020101)
Check the console for more information (Always caused by unexcepted script error).
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well, I love this skin and +1 VS,

VS looks great! Work on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32bit.

But, the problem is this skins, CAD and mPlayer went well, but foobar didn't work, I tried fresh install, install components one-by-one, restart my machine, restart foobar, but the script says error and got "Aw, crashed :(" on skins *darn*

can you give your portable installation or your folder of foobar in appdata/roaming/foobar and foobar installation files, maybe it will work,

i tried on my laptop, still get error message. :(
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What version of foobar need to this?
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clean and good
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Why don't you add Google Play Music support ?
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Any plans to adapt this for VLC???
Great skin.
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How did I miss this? Nice. :)
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Is there a way to use the foobar-theme with the current foobar? The WSH scripts crash.
Hey ,i download rar file that u have provided but when i extracted it .. then i found a word d ocument of size 7-8 MB ..
what the fCUk .. have u attached any hidden files inside that document ???
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what the fuck is a word document?
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rtf can contain images. it's similar to a pdf in that it's not a "word document"
I have the same problems like another, and I try to install it, now it work perfect :-)
first, install the original skin, then install your skin (replace all components ang config files that windows ask), enjoy :D
any ideas to fix foobar skin work?
I've got problems on button controls.It displays error message. Other things work well.
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I tried installing the theme as you said but nothing happens when I try to import the theme. Help?
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Nevermind, had to switch to use Columns UI but now I receive an error as noted previously above.
I made CD Art Display working.
But foobar2000 crash when trying to import the .fcl, and i have to reset everything ... What version do you use ?

Could you check why the shell32.dll doesn't work plz ? Is that which make the folder icons look like this ? And the taskbar shortcuts too ?
I have 2 folders that contains shell32.dll : SysWow64 and system32, which one is the right?

Thanks for your awesome win7 skin!!!
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