Kiriban+ free giveaway of Monster Hunter 4 U codes

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Happy new year to all of you :D!
Next weekend I’m finally able to become more active again, yay.
But until then, I’m offline, since I have to finish a homework, so no reply to comments and such.


Today I shortly came by to notice, that my kiriban is near and I still haven’t even wrote one single word about it xD.

Oh well, let’s make it short:

If you catch the 200.000 you’ll get a fullbodypicture of one of your characters of your choice, either in digital or traditional.

Examples --> Borderguard Lyra by Aarok Skallgyenn with the thousand spikes by Aarok WTLBP - Just tha Auri :3 by Aarok

And since I already had this twice on my own, that I just missed the kiriban by one click, the one, who catches the 200.001 will get a portrait of one of your charas of your choice, or an animated icon of him/her.

Examples --> Masters and Servants by Aarok Red -free- by Aarok

Don’t forget to make a sceenshot of your catch!

And there’s more that I have to give away for free. This week I had a message from Nintendo in my Emails with four codes for a free demo of the !european Version! of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which will be released soon :dance:.

I used one of them and have no use for the 3 others, so I give them to you. I've already tried out the demo and like, what I see so far. Especially Gore Magala is deadly awesome.

Here they are.

1. A076JUVR0MH4T27D
2. A076KQR20QH4U0FP
3. A076LMMA28G8KMS4


First comes, first serves ;).  

See ya soon :hug:

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Yes, we could share our Friendscode so we can play together:plotting:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
so... here is my screenshot: Aarok
Aarok's avatar
Sorry for my late reply ^^.
Congrats to you :hug:!
Please send me a note, with further details of what I should draw for you :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thank you, note just sent! :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I got 200.001 pageview! :3
probably was refreshing with somebody :D should I note you with screenshot?
BrierKnight's avatar

Omg hahaha kukam ze preco som mentioned :XD: WTH?!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
ah, protože jsem si blbě přečetla/pochopila tvůj poslední příspěvek a před editem jsi v komentu byla ;)
BloodDragonJL's avatar

that was me ....:D

the 200,000
Samantha-dragon's avatar
ah, lucky you, you got the even numbers! :D
BrierKnight's avatar
Oh wow! GZ on 200k PW! :D GL to everyone in the kiriban hunt :XD:
Aarok's avatar
Thank you, that went wayy faster, than I expected...
GhostlyMetalhead's avatar
OH awesome, glad to see another fan of monster hunter! <3
Aarok's avatar
Yes, I love this game series, and it is getting better and better :3
GhostlyMetalhead's avatar
Indeed it does! How are you enjoying the full game so far?
Raz-Zyrak's avatar
I'll try to catch it, I have been dying to see my dragon in your beautiful style, I'll see what I can do. No one has gotten my latest kiribans XD
Aarok's avatar
Oh by the way, we still wanted to do an AT together. Still interested?
Raz-Zyrak's avatar
Yeah, of course! I just  noticed I missed your kiriban XDDD I'm such a fool but I have been through a lot of things lately.
Ulta's avatar
It's so nice of you to give out your spare codes! I has ot scramble to find my american one, but if you wanna play together online sometime, we totally should =) I love Monster Hunter, even if it's killing beautiful dragons (which I'd of course normally frown at lol).

Now I'll stalk for your kiriban. =D
savrin330's avatar
Grats on almost having 200k page views.  I love your art style.  Your dragons all look so cool.
Midnight--Comet's avatar
Ooh I'm looking out for your kiriban now! But I have a quick question, I don't have any dragon charcters so if I were to win could I possibly ask for you to design one for me? 
Starcraft3000's avatar
I have too get a message from Nintendo with Four Codes for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate the "european version" . But i am no Fan from Monster Hunter that i no interest have for this. 
10animallover10's avatar
I;m certainly trying to catch this one :) I like your artstyle in teh examples :) Good for you to almost have 200k views! :D
tomcio199214's avatar
Bravo on reaching 200k of views :3 And I got from you a portrait of my Mal for which I thank you very much still ^^
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