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Black -free-

First of my free firebreath icons, random black dragon.

If you use it, please write in your signature that i did this icon ( " ava by *Aarok " or something like that)

(c) art to me
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© 2009 - 2021 Aarok
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I'm going to use it on perfil, it looks super awesome!
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Uh.... How do I use it? And what is a signature? (Sorry, i'm new to DA >.<)
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Use the thumbnail code on the right hand side (You will have to scroll down) then copy and paste the 'thumb' onto your profile or deviation 
example- :thumb131700102: is the code for this one
Yurilys's avatar
Very nice!I'm using it :)
Wolfangel44's avatar
Gonna use this awesome icon! Clap 
I am using this icon or my webpage, thank you for creating a wonderful dragon.. Keep up the good work. ^.=.^
LindaDraven's avatar
I'm using this ^_^
And I added the credits!
monochrome-domino's avatar
I left a link to your DA profile in my About MeLa la la la 
Thank you for making this for all of us to useLove 
Aarok's avatar
You're welcome :3
Aarok's avatar
That's awesome ^^
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
Dragons, my favorite Mythological creatures, EVER!
Aarok's avatar
Mine too... no wonder, they're just EPIC! ;)
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You're welcome :3
i'm going to use this. thank you for creating a beautiful dragon.
Leya0987's avatar
thank you! I'm using it now!
leolion800's avatar
leolion800's avatar
I CANT GET IT TO WORK!!! :frustrated::pissed:
leolion800's avatar
I really want to use this is that okay?
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Yes ^^ it's free to use for all.
ZoeTheDragon1's avatar
hey can i take and it over my name?
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