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8 OC facts .:Rhon the Halfblood and Azka Ils'Re:.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 13, 2016, 2:17 PM
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Got tagged by :iconchrissi1997: and :iconvedranr: And have to post 8 things about my characters Rhon and Azka. Mh, that was more difficult than I thought…


Rhon the Halfblood

Rhon -new charsheet- by Aarok


1. His first name was “Rhon the Blood Eagle” until I found out what a “blood eagle” is and thought, that it is way too gross.

2. I came up with “Halfblood” since at first I really wanted to reveal, that his father was a Black Dragon. After a while I disliked this idea but kept the name. His father was a regular Red Dragon, who just had black wing membranes like him and plays no important role in the story. He doesn’t even have a name…

3. Rhon is not only an instructor for young, red recruits but also a quite high ranked commander. He got both his positions, because he has a good relation to the crownprince Kaeroth.

4. His former mate Shia left him, since she couldn’t accept his extreme admiration for King Moncagnarak. All she wanted, was to settle down and have a little family, while her mate just tried everything he could to finally get noticed by the king.

5. Rhon is well aware of the fact, that he is a choleric but doesn’t mind that. Yelling is such a wonderful method to calm down. Amongst his recruits, he is rather famous for his hot temper.

6. He dislikes Golden- and Sun Dragons and makes sure, they notice that. He thinks, the alliance between Queen Synastra and King Sundrion was a big mistake.

7. Different to most of his tribemates, he doesn’t collect jewelry, gold etc.

8. In battles, Rhon relies mainly on his physical strength. He tends to use his firebreath to scare or surprise foes but not as his primary weapon.



Azka Ils’Re

The Dark Art of Magic by Aarok


1. Azka was a random character I created as the head of the dragon council. She should act as the wise and old leader, who tries to restore the order in Caldarah, with the help of her allies. Last year I began to like this character way more and decided, that she will have a much bigger role in the comic and also in my stories in general. I still have a lot to flesh out though…

2. She is the first dragon, who rules over Earthcrawler and Elves alike. Before she took over the throne, both races had separate rulers. The last king of the Elves didn’t have children, and all those, who had the right to claim the throne, killed each other. In the end, no one was left and his dragoness Azka was elected as queen by dragons and elves alike.

3. She addresses her subjects as “her children”, maybe because of the fact that all of her own children were killed during the countless conflicts with other tribes. I also wanted to give her a sort of motherly touch.

4. She resides in the city “Shattered Sky”, the main capital of the Earthcrawler and Elves, which is located in a huge mountain. The name comes from the large cracks in it’s top, that allow a free view in the sky.

5. Azka didn’t have a mate in ages and also no interest in changing that in the future.  

6. In her youth, she received the Blessing of the Shadowweaver, by a Black Dragoness, who said, that she is able to communicate with Hevrael, the dark creator. Young Azka thought, that lady was crazy but noticed, that her dark magic became way stronger afterwards.

7. Before Moncagnaraks’ betrayal, Akza regularly met with Queen Aurora and Queen Synastra. You can even got that far and call them friends.

8. When she heard, that Aarok and Jessica arrived in her city, she immediately felt responsible for him, since she knew his parents and wanted to give him a new home, after his tribe and his home were no more. She also thought, that he might be helpful for her kingdom.        



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