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Black Guard poster giveaway - closed!

Thu Jul 23, 2015, 11:45 AM
This poster giveaway is closed. Thanks for reading :)

Over the last few days and weeks you have heard and seen quite a bit about my new Rune Outfit - and finally it has happened, it has been released at DAZ 3D!
For details, please see my last journal post Rune Outfit released - the waiting is over :).

Now, to celebrate this occasion, I would like to give you something special: a free giveaway for buyers of this newest set: a big poster, created from my Black Guard render which can be seen in my gallery.

The poster measures 60 x 40 cm (which is 23.62'' x 15.75'') on matte photo paper. Included are my logo and poster title, plus a handwritten individual numbering of the poster number (x of 5).
You can also choose which personalized text you would like to see on your poster. The maximum would be 100 letters (spaces included). You can also have the poster signed by me. For the details of placement and spacing see the illustration below:

P BlackGuard previewDA by Aarki

Now how do you get one of these five posters - because they are FREE. Shipping will also be handled by me!
That's simple.
Only buyers of my Rune Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s), Genesis 3 Female(s) or the bundle are eligible for this giveaway.
Send me your receipt of your purchase at DAZ via screenshot. It must be clear that you actually purchased one of the three products!
You can contact me via note here on DA or per mail (mail address see below, at the bottom of the post). I will accept entries for the poster giveaway until Sunday, August 9, 24:00 CET.
The lucky five winners will be notified by note/mail.

Please note that shipping of the posters may take a while, depending on the location I have to send them to.

Now, what do I need from you to participate in this giveaway?
 → Your purchase receipt of one of the three products (Rune Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) OR Rune Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s) OR Rune Outfit Bundle for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Genesis 3 Female(s))
 → Your text choice for the individual text on your poster (dedication, quote, whatever in a length of 100 letters, spaces included; you can also have the poster signed by me instead),
 → Your contact mail adress with full (real) name (in case of upcoming problems or questions from my side),
 → Your postal address (for shipping).
Send all this info to me via note here on DA or per mail to kim @ (leave out the blanks).
Your personal data will of course be treated confidentially and only for the realization of this giveaway!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments below :)

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July 23, 2015